New idea for uptdate

I was wondering if you could make a tag team thingy kinda like when blue and the t. Rex took indom to the mososaur

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We could have tag teams like blue and t.rex iguanadon and miurasia tag team and other dinosaurs that are compatible with eachother

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I think it’s cool idea and definitely viable but I am confused at same time on the implementation. Do you mean like double battles in pokemon with 2 of your own dinos or will it be with someone?

No what I mean is you take one creatures moveset and another creatures moveset and combine them

Kinda like take fierce strike and impact with cunning impact and rampage. Then combine those four moves

Your combining two creatures moves and making a tag team without fusing dna

I don’t know much but it’s a start

Oh so its like that weird glitch that visually makes it so a creatures moved get fused

No not like that

What I was thinking was adding something called trust level were you put a dinosaur with another dinosaur to see if there compatible