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New Idea: Miningtower!

Maybe someone already mentioned it:
What about a Miningtower everybody can build.
The Tower is mining DNA every hours. Who build it can defense it with his dinosaurs, which is controlled by an AI. Attackers can rob some mined DNA. And the defenders can get some Money, Arrows or something.
What do you think?

So like a poke stop.
Mmm… well it’s not a bad idea, but maybe it would be better to use sanctuaries instead, and if you beat the ai team chosen from the sanctuary, you get the relevant DNA from that.
The sanctuary would no longer reward the owners for 2 hours after the attack. No one else could attack it for the 2 hours either, assuming the ai lost of course.

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Sounds shockingly similar to a strike tower with a different story line to me.