New idea that may help diversify the team compo

The rant on tedious stegod+Indo duo is never over. And even though a nerf is about to set in, you hear rant from another direction. See, if you patch up a loophole by taking off a piece from another one, that’s not the best solution.
The current game format is to randomly give you 4 of your 8 lineups at the start, which you will mostly end up opening with the best reliable dino and the same principle applies to the ending, which the experienced players are able to anticipate what’s coming. And they get bored because, sometimes knowledge is killjoy😂

So…If you have your Indo, stegod and utarinex in your lineup, but you open with a IRex. Now why would you do that? Because IRex gets a speed buff, defense shattering or able to hit harder? Yes, it is.
How so? Let’s introduce the new feature–arena terrain characteristic. Hypothetically, Jurassic Ruins as an example, where in the movie it features IRex in the final battle. Let’s say we let IRex get a attack buff because she deserved the GG compliment in the movie. And don’t forget the part rexy did too, which allows T-Rex family having a speed buff. Pterosaurs certainly get their buff in aviary. We sure can implement debuff in there too. Lockwood, indo must hates it because it ended up sleeping there. In all, the whole idea is to have the arena tailored to some dinos, and meanwhile refrain others. Then we will start to see less often dinos being put to use, in addition to which, it doesn’t take a whole patch period to fix what’s not working appropriately.
I additionally suggest: the arena where the battle takes place remains dependent on our trophies, but they can be variable. In other words, the battleground will henceforth no long be tied to only one. However, the more trophies the better buff effecting terrain you are likely to engage. The LAST thing: of course the 2 players that are fighting should be sharing same arena terrain.
What do you think this would be a better solution to make a battle more playable?