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New idea to develop

hello the whole team! I have an idea for a new building to develop from our game called MAGAZINE OF THE DRAGONS EGGS or something like that. Function to be able to: 1) Available to all. 2) Expansion of this building would give a minimum of 1 place more for an egg (the same eggs can be duplicated and do not take up space). 3) People who would pay the subscription at once would get unlimited. 4) The building would only be used for storage and not as a hatchery. These are just suggestions that could change. Such a building seems to me that it is needed. I did not wait one time with the search because in the inventory I had an egg and there was no space for the next bonfire. 20190517_214425

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I’ve never had the problem of not having enough space to hatch my eggs…can’t you put them in the hangar if they’re not hatched yet and there isn’t space? Otherwise, just upgrade your hatchery.

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No, you can’t put eggs in the hangar.

I also love the idea of an egg magazine.

I also wish there was an easy egg index or catalog. I’ve been playing nearly 2 months and I don’t have all the eggs memorized yet. So Hiccup and Toothless come back and I can’t remember if the egg they have is the one I wanted. So I send it to the hatchery, only to check it and to find it’s a duplicate I don’t want. So if there was an index or a way to get info on whichever egg you find, that would be great.

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