New Ideas for a great game!

why not make a separate tab for the dragons that we should get for hearts . this will make more space and will not interfere with the game, it will also be convenient that if you have collected all copies of the dragon that he would not interfere with you and did not waste space . there are more dragons and less space . I decided to make a plan of how this might work so that you would understand me well . I made some plans that you can see .

  1. the first option : make a separate tab where only dragons are stored where you have to collect their hearts of trust, so can or not the function that shows how many copies you have collected with the fact that you have already collected all 3000 hearts. but not consciously . just as a fact …

  2. the second option is to add a slot at the bottom of your dragons as a separate field where you can see how many hearts you have collected a particular dragon . it’s stored there and doesn’t take up space for dragons in your vault …

  3. I also want to suggest changes to spending energy at the beginning of the battle . I mean to make the game take away energy after the end or threshold of the battle , for example, you went into battle on alpha , and your phone ran out or the game broke, you turn off the game or turn on the phone . you go into the game and the game thinks that you did not start the fight and does not take away your energy . I’ve seen this feature in another game and it’s really convenient . also for other fights . the game takes energy only when you win or lose . but it does not take away your energy if the game is broken, crashed, or the phone is turned off . in my phone there is no warning that the phone should sit down and it has 4% left because of this I often lose energy without suspecting that my phone should run out .

  4. arena and what about it . why not do the same with it if the fight was finished incorrectly ( departure, phone turned off ) the scale is not lost, but the cups are Yes . after all, you can not just cheat because of some bugs, there must be a balance everywhere . or make a button near the exit, leave the arena for technical problems . then your fight will be over and you will not lose anything . but at the same time you will not be able to attack the enemy again ( revenge ) and at the same time the opponent will be told that the fight was finished by a technical problem . but this is not accurate … :V .

  5. why not make the story infinite? I mean, it goes around forever . you have completed 221 tasks and the story starts over again from scratch … or the plot regenerates quests itself randomly further . there himself calculates how many should be quests further . if leave like now suggest to make a tab like it used to long ago where you could get eggs and fish depending on the level or passing . since at the moment you can’t get anything because of the strange system .

  6. is it possible to make a shared chat for everyone?? or a way to write a message to the player by clicking on his nickname . also have a profile in the game . where would some of your data be ? well, or at least you could have the opportunity to add a person to your friends to communicate with him in the game . if the game had a General chat for everyone it would not be bad : "D

  7. make a transfer of resources to players from your clan . for example: you can transfer fish or gold to a player of your clan, but with a limit . and maybe runes too, but the same limit . it would also be cool if a person could not pass on to himself . well, this is done through the calculation of the Internet ID and device . so that fraudsters could not send their other accounts and transfer resources to themselves … we all don’t like crooks >__>

  8. more resources in the arena store . ability to buy more than 10 resources . or more variety of resources . such as * * and * * * scales of dragons but it is clear that they are not cheap . ( I also noticed the fact that the random calculation when there will be another strange dragon ( in the arena store I mean dragon scales, dragon heart and sheep 4*)? I’m the only one who waited 3 days for purple?? or more .-. why doesn’t the system understand that it has to go for a recharge ? first red, yellow, green . with a random dragon . but not yellow then yellow again then red and yellow again ) … :V

it would also be cool if you added night lights . 3 cute dragons . in the same card or separately . small or adult. make them as assistants to your team or just for a collection . to see these little cute dragons in your game would be awesome !!!

thank you for your attention and time spent >w< if my offer is stupid please excuse me
also, I apologize for so much large flow of information that I’m trying to write here XD
Love you all (/^w^)/


To dragons that have yet to get 1k to don’t actually take up roster space

I thought they were taking up space, sorry 0…0

It’s alright, I use to think they did too.
I also like your ideas, I would appreciate a separate tap for sheep like storage section for them a scales I think the unfinished tp dragons would look best there too since it makes your roster look messy

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I fully agree with you :> . and I’m very happy that someone likes my ideas :3