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Idea #1

Compsognathus- Common

Level 26 Stats

HP: 1250
Attack: 55
Defense: 0
Speed: 131
Crit Chance: 90% (lore)


Wounding Strike : Deal 1x damage and inflict bleed for 0.2 max HP for 2 turns. No delay. No cooldown

Vulnerable wound and run :Deal 1x damge. Bleed for 0.2 max HP for 2 turns. Target is vulnerable for 2 turns and swap. No cooldown

Passive: Immune

Strategy: The opposite of Draco. Can be used as an immediate hit and run bleeder since its wound and run has no cooldown. Will synergize well with swap in movers and counter attacking tanks. Countered by immune and speed.

Styracosaurus- Epic

Level 26 stats

Crit Chance:5%


Intimidating Stance : Deal 0x damage, Opponent Distracted (50%) for 3 turns Delay 0 cooldown 4

Short Defense : Deal 1x damage Gain a shield for 2 turns Delay 0 Cooldown 3

Sheild Shattering Rampage : Deal 2x damage, Break shields. Delay 1 cooldown 1

Passive : Wounding Ferocity. Each time Styracosaurus is hit by a damaging attack it gains 15% damage and 15% Critical hit chance. Max 50% damage/Crit

Strategy : Strong against counter attackers and low damage tanks. Weak against Nullifiers, Chompers, ready to crush.

Yutyrannus -rare

Level26 stats

Speed: 110
Crit Chance: 15%


Armor Piercing Strike : Deal 1x damage ignoring armor. Cooldown 0 delay 0

Defense Shattering Impact : Deal 1.5x damage, break shields and ignore armor. Cooldown 1

Passive : Swap in Ferocity. Gain 30% Attack and 30% crit chance when an opponent swaps dinosaurs.

Strat : good versus swappers and hit n runners. Weak vs distractions

Yutyrannus Gen –Epic

Same as gen1 but Instant regeneration 50% and cleanse. Cooldown 3 0 delay

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