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New - Ideas for Lydia to make money, that we want

Hey Ludia, considering how the rollout of boosts went. Here are a few ideas to make money, that won’t destroy the game and cause havoc.

  • Custom battle animations: Want your Thor to bike like a Dilo, well now you can with these purchasable upgrades.

  • Avatars: Not that I think this should be bought, but a wider variety of avatars would be appreciated.

  • Achievment Medals: This doesn’t mean purchasable medals - but if one medal said (capture three Kentros in a row) well than I’m sure you will see a spike in incubator sales.

  • Dinosaur Skins: Iv seen a lot of people begging to change the color of there Dino’s.

  • Dinosaurs: This one will devide the majority of people out there. No one wants to buy dinosaurs, I know. But it worked in jurrasic Park, park builder. If it’s 2000 hard cash for a Yutyranus than I’m sure people will do something to obtain him. His level could be to you’re teams average ext.

  • Story Element: Personally I can see many of ways where story would engage players, encouraging them to spend more.

  • Higher Levels: this sounds similar to boosts. But no. Imagine if you’re common could gain 5 more levels than a unique, rare 4, and epic 3. It could change the viability of a lot of creatures and bring more into top tier meta.

Just some ideas - Feel free to add more? Guys.

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Nicknames, they have to add nicknames

I want boost reset items.

Simply adding new dinosaurs, what about the legendary Pterodactylus?

Haha monatize naming dinosaurs? Lol

We all do, trust me haha