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New idea's for next update ( this are the things i really want :)

(First a note: plz don’t remove, or do this post into an another topic, thanks)

Here are mine idea’s for next update. Like New creatures and more idea’s. This are the things i really want and wish it was in game already…

  1. The original t.rex of jurassic world/park: Rexy
  2. Toro
  3. Aquatics, like the Mosasaurus, Megalodon and more
  4. Dire Wolf, Cave Lion
  5. Maybe an new kind of map for Aquatics or an bew battle arena for them ( Aquatics always where water is)
  6. That you can change your name everytime you want.

This are for new my idea,'s.

Now i gonna explain 2 things cause that will be new:

The Aquatics:

Everyone want them right?

So an idea: they are everywhere to find where water is, like lakes, sea’s and more water places. We will have mosasaurus, megalodon and more cool water di osaurs. When you gonna battle with Aquatics, there is an kind of new battle arena under water. ( maybe something like in jurassic world: the game ?) This is for now an idea for it.

Changes of your player name: look i just wanted an time ago change my player name… but you can’t do that more then like 3 times. :frowning: i think that could be better. So why not explain an idea?

You have to do a few things before you can change yout name:

  1. After the last time you changed your player name, you need to wait at least 1 week before next change.

  2. It need to be an nice name, not an name with an bad meaning (maybe this is an little too much… i know)

  3. You can do it with 500 coins or like 10 cash.

For now is that an idea for changing your player name more times.

So guys, what you think about this idea’s for now?

I really hope this will be in the future, like next update…

Plz think about this idea’s ludia :slight_smile:


Let’s get a boost shuffle or reset. And then, maybe a bug fix, so raids aren’t so buggy. And yes, Rexy and Toro plz

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Actually no, I dont want them.
No chance that Ludia is capable of implementing such a fundamental change without messing up the whole game.


I’m happy as long as I’ll never see a stupid Testa again

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@Samzilla hit the nail on the head here.

If I thought Ludia were capable of adding aquatics without further ruining the game I may say yes. But sadly it’s time we faced facts.

Every update brings more bugs. Raids are now an absolute pain for so many of us now as we need them to be sent twice or more. And loads of players couldn’t even get into the game for a week after the last update.

Every buff makes ridiculous op and annoying creatures. It really seems like Ludia are incapable of creating balance.

New creatures are incredibly frustrating like flocks that have really spoiled the pvp experience along with Testa

Every nerf makes creatures we have spent months and months to build up redundant. The recent Mortem nerf is beyond belief.

I would be far happier to be able to log into the game and know I’m going to get into a raid. To know the requests for dna aren’t already filled. To know I won’t keep getting the message that the servers require me to reconnect after every switch to another app. And I’m using a brand new Samsung s21 so it s not my device at issue here.


raid and tournys but like 1 year later

I will do what I want

An note for Ludia: plz Ludia let this happen soon. At least some things of it. Cause i really want it and i wish we have Rexy,Toro, Aquatics in game…

we need cerato in game as well

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Yup. Indeed wouls be nice

for now i just want jurassic world alive keeping alive when my phone pops a notification or some alike.

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Well that’s true indeed. That would be nice too