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New Ideas for the Game? Add your suggestions

This is not a post to complain about what you perceive is wrong with the game, or what you want the devs to change.

This is a post to suggest new things you’d like to see or fun ideas to enhance the game.

Throw suggestions and ideas out there, and who knows, maybe a mod might like what they see and pass it to the devs!

Mimic Treasure Chests

  • Random treasure chests gained by Battle, when opened, are actually Mimics
  • Mini cutscene of Mimic biting/attacking
  • Give out XP to a random Hero/Heroes as well as Gear/Coins

Cone Effect Weapons

  • Like column attack weapons, but cone hits wider for each row beyond the first, but with diminishing damage
  • Hits one target at Range 1 (100%), up to two targets behind the first for Range 2 (75%), and up to four targets for Range 3 (50%)

Warrior Draft - Tavern Brawl

  • Same as current draft style, but Heroes can only use Move or Main Weapon attack
  • Allows a mix of Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary gear (ie Halbenet Epic boots but Legendary weapon)
  • Optional: Heroes start battle with 25% Increased Miss Chance
  • Introduce new battlefield of a classic D&D tavern/pub setting

Secret Room - Boss Variant

  • Like “Secret Room” but only appears on Boss rooms 3/6/9
  • Teleportation Circle that takes you to a different random Boss at a higher level of difficulty (not as high as Raid, but still tougher)
  • Bonus treasure chest for defeating boss, No common items, maybe only Epic or better.

Battlefield Effects

  • PvP “rules” that affect both teams and are in play for the whole battle
  • Shut off specific buffs or give characters immunity to specific debuffs, and can’t be removed.

I am technically not a mod, but I have shared the thread with the Devs :slight_smile:


Classic Monsters Not Used Yet

  • Displacer Beast
  • Bulette
  • Slaad
  • Beholder
  • Elementals (minor)
  • Drider
  • Ooze/Jelly/Pudding
  • Efreeti
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  • Let us cancel one of the daily quests like we can with the other quests.

  • make it so we can explore using low level characters. Right now returning to dungeons we’ve explored levels the monsters to our highest levels.

  • remove the gimmick high level monsters that kill in one hit like the spider in the swamp. Monsters 3 levels higher are already a challenge.

  • give us an explore mode where all the monsters we have fought can be encountered including bosses and the further we go the better the rewards. Make it so we have to pay gems to resurrect and continue.

  • make the level of the character mean more. Let it effect things like resisting in pvp for example. Give people incentive to raise the levels of characters along with their equipment.

  • remove the 10 item limit to gifting. You can make it so the limit is the maximum we can give away I really doubt a hoard of hackers will jump onto my account and give away all my common and rare items anyway.

Some of your suggestions are good but not the theme of the post.

I’d like an in-guild duel mode. Where you can challenge another player to either a regular or draft pvp match.
Same idea but more advanced: an in-guild tournament system. It could cost tokens to enter and reward keys, or cost a key to enter and reward loot.


I suggest rebranding this version of the app as “New WoW”, followed by re-releasing the iteration from 2 years ago. The older version could be called “WoW Classic”.

If players were allowed to experiment and choose their favorite, I suspect Ludia might discover what Coca-Cola learned 30 years ago…more players prefer “Classic” over “New”.

Off topic. Take thinly veiled complaints elsewhere.

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Critique is often the most productive element of effective suggestions.

I welcome users to refer to my suggestions as a ‘thinly veiled complaints’, however, I would like to convey that my recommendation would provide far more benefit than some other suggestions. Adding pointless new monsters such as mimics enabled with cone effects favoring tavern brawls is fine, but it will truly not improve the app. My suggestion on the other hand, might instead reinvigorate former players, thereby increasing the now trifling player base. It would certainly corral the decay that has driven away >99% of loyal users.

However, if my suggestion is too radical for the group, I will instead make a recommendation more complimentary to this thread. I suggest making Saarvin’s armor pink. This game is utterly lacking in salmon hues.


Easily the best thing that could be done that would be relatively simple is to have a PVP lobby where people could easily find others that are waiting to battle. You could implement a challenge/accept where each player sees the levels/stats and can decide to accept or not. The current method of having to cycle “wait” for 4-5 times prior to seeing a real person is not helping those than like PVP. It’s probably the only thing I enjoy playing anymore but the number of real battles is pretty low except for the start of the season.

The other easy option is to shorten the season length because there does seem to be great battles the first 4-5 days as everyone starts up again.


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It’s like no one reads the initial post…

Trying to keep this post different from all the other complaint posts out there, but no one seems to know how to read.

Grinding for gear in challenge mode can be pretty tedious. Secret boss rooms would be great! It shouldn’t take a huge amount of coding. The mechanics of secrets rooms is already there. The ability to have 2 doors is already there. You could occasionally have a secret boss room pop up with a boss on steroids. It could show up at room 3, 6, or 9. Or you could choose the normal boss door. The secret boss would be very difficult, but have great loot. Maybe use a formula like the the average of the 2 highest in the party rounded up +4 levels for the big boss. Also with an offensive and/or defensive ability that the normal boss doesn’t have. It sure would spice up those low level dungeons we sometimes have to grind.


It could also be a boss from a different dungeon, meaning you might not have the best gear/heroes in your party to deal with it.
But, the chance for better loot…

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Yes. I like that!

I’ll do you one better. It should look like the boss that belongs there but randomly have the powers of any of the bosses. For example, it would look like you were fighting the Anvil but the Anvil has the powers of the boss from LFE and start spawning animated armors for guards. Not a mix of powers from random bosses, but should have all the powers of one random boss.

I like the idea of upgrading the “right” boss more than putting the wrong boss in the dungeon. But there’s no reason to restrict the abilities to other bosses, might as well come up with a new modified set of abilities for the existing boss. I mean imagine if the dragon in Harvestshield chose the attack that would hit the most targets rather than attacking in a set script order.

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Warrior Draft rallies or some other system that would give raid key rewards for PvP.

Some sort of competitive draft PvE. Say two players, each controlling half a party, trying to kill more monsters than the other player (or maybe trying to live longer). Probably have to snake draft the characters to make it balanced (first player chooses one, second player chooses twice, first player gets the leftover). Honestly, I wouldn’t mind a snake draft for the current warrior draft battles.