New ideas


1: increasing spawn times and counts of creatures in rural areas and country side
If i want to get dinos I’m forced to drive an hour more before I can get any.

2: Add something like rare candies but call them pheromones so it will attract specific animals to your current area.

3: Add temp 1 time use battery life extension for like 10s longer.

4:find rare DNA strands that can boost your creature to common >un-common>rare>epic>legendary

Just a few ideas for now, have a bunch more soon.

Wrote a game similar to this in C# just never took off. Was pretty fun


Fyi, I’m pretty sure Draconius Go uses pheromones.


-Buddy List (to fight with them)
-Tournaments with friends or clans


Being able to transfer creatures between players, clans, teams, could allow those with access to the desired crazies to pass them to ones who need them but they aren’t available. Transfer details would need to be resolved.


Maybe a easier way to overlook the stats of your dinosaurs. Clicking on every dinosaur is a long and battery eating process :wink: