New "immunity counter" idea

Giganotosaurus: Aspect of Terror
HP 4500
DMG 1260
SPD 103

Pinning Strike
Defense Shattering Impact
Terrifying Charge: Opposing dinosaur swaps out (Immune creatures resist this effect). If the defending creature does not swap, deal 3x damage. Delay: 1 Cooldown: 2)

Just a random offhand idea to counter immunity. You won’t even need to pin the critter first before crushing it, so you can use impact to open instead. Rough concept, might be over/under powered in this new and unpolished state


I like it. I’ve often wondered that if you cannot debuff an immune opponent, why should they be able to be buffed by you? (Mutual Fury) Seems like another tweak that could lessen their effectiveness.

good idea but might be overpowered…
If the creature swap out,a set up T-rex for example will loose his turn