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New immunity

How about immune to swap in attacks. To include damage and non - damage abilities. Good /bad idea. Thoughts?


Yeah, just call it something like “Hyper Alert”, which would probably fit a bird-like creature or something that’s usually fast. What happens is, the creature will avoid a swap in surprise by dodging to the side.


i like the sound of this honestly.


I think if they did have this, it would be an instant DC counter.


Lol yup but question would it work for swap on stuns, distractions, invincibility or wound

That would be my thought. It would still be susceptible to any of these things on normal attacks, just not swap in

But there more passive and only wound actually doesn’t and damage

My bad forgot about the ceratopsians

I’ve said it before, but we shouldn’t nerf all swap in abilities just because DC is a thing. Just nerf DC. No need to drag the rest of them down with it.

That’s true I like I can swap in my monomuius and thylo when I need to

Immunity to swap-in attacks sounds nice. Erlido, dilora, indo, procera are the ones that would benefit from this the most as they have relatively low hp and are susceptible to getting ratted.

Ya plus since there fast you think they be quick enough to react to a swap in

Nowadays even erlido is sometimes not enough to one shot a dc.

Or at least the raptors and Gallies idk about the theriozs since they were just a bit shy of trex size

I suggested an immunity to swap in attacks for faster less tanky dinosaurs a number of months ago, sadly it will never happen because it would be a direct nerf to their boost mascot rat.

And sadly Rat is the only dinosaur in the entire game with “Immunity to nerfs!”

Like would you nerf your cash register?

Lol it and indo gen2

The following abilities are passive and are activated with priority if the opponent exchanges with any dinosaur, they do not cancel the other abilities

Forced collision: Priority against the exchange, 66% chance to stun the opponent and prevent him from exchanging for 2 turns.

a special ability to ‘capture’ exchange dinosaurs without receiving much damage, especially for triceratops and other ceratopsids that need a little more defense.

Certero Strike: Priority against the exchange, damage x2, activates an invulnerable shield during a turn.

Some ankylosaurus are quite weak in the current game, so they usually exchange with a dinosaur to beat them faster, this ability is sure that at least, your ankylosaurus will do good damage before dying.

Survival tactics: Priority over exchange, reduces 30% of the maximum life of the adversary (Rending) and grants 75% chance of evading during a turn.

Ability for some spinosaurids, especially Spinonyx and Spinosaurus, increases spinonyx’s chances of surviving and destroying dracoceratops and gives spinosaurus a better chance of eliminating its opponent without interference.

These are the skills that I think would work quite well against exchanges, and although they seem strong they have their disadvantages, what do you think?