New incubator, kill 10 dinos


Anyone got one of the incubators where you kill 10 dinos?

Do you have to wait for it or do you get it instantly


Instant. Resets after 24 hours.


Yeah you get it instantly to open on screen. Then there is a countdown for another 24 hours before you can get the next.


My count down started just under 19 hours.

Not sure if it is a bug or the timer resets at a certain point if the day rather than 24 hours after claiming.


i just opened one… lol…

i would love to say that i didn’t predict it exactly, and i guess i didn’t because there was no purrasaurus. but the common was 700ish stygimoloch gen 2, and the rare was proceratosaurus :joy: :sob: :joy: :sob:


Same mate… got 80 stigi…

They need to vary the common and rare dna


My guess is that it resets at a certain time of day because it did say that if you don’t collect enough coins per day for the incubator, it would carry onto the next day’s. I also had it give me 18 hours CD when I completed it, so that’s what I think.