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New incubator speed up videos has flaw - cannot open next one

When you speed up incubator with new videos feature sometimes you cannot start another incubator.

It happens when you didn’t open incubator which was speed up. After you open it another one can be started.

Ok, so here you can watch it:

  1. The one that just finish was speedup few times
  2. I click few times on “Activate” button and it just take you back to arena screen (you can see that button was clicked)
  3. Then I open incubator which was speeded up and can activate another one

In my experience, you van also not activate the next incubator unless the previous original timer finishes, meaning the speed up adds are just not actually speedind up. So If you use an add on a 3h incubator, you’ll still have to wait 3 hours to activate another.

I have two videos I can watch. One shows the cross after the timer ended and you can go back to JWA the other freezes, clock and network appear and cross can’t be clicked . As it can’t be shut down I have to force-close the game. Really annoying.

Hey Poezzzie, may I ask what device you’re using?

@Ned ofcourse IPhone XR

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I never click the close button I always hit the back button on my phone. Legally the ads are required to have a close button that does not link to the store, but I don’t take any chances with that mess

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Also I have found that sometimes when I try to speed up an incubator multiple times, I have to wait about a minute before I can click it the second time

No, you just need to open the one you speed up

I’m on an iPhone… there’s no “back” button :wink:

And that is another reason I’m on Android :grin:

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Well, i don’t want to open It just to activate the other one. I want to open them all at the same time on the next day. So yeah, i have to wait for the original timer to finish.

What’s bugging me is that you can’t watch a movie in the last 15 minutes so you can wrap it up and move on.

Well, you can, I do this yesterday. But it is not always available and I can’t find the rule.

And this was happening before: in like 1 in 10 incubators, now seems 50%.

The same bug as the original post happened to me last night. I sped up a 3-hour incubator by watching a couple ads but then was unable to start my 8-hour incubator for overnight. I did not try opening the 3-hour one (saving it for alliance missions) so I can’t say if that would have worked or not.

iPhone XR