New incubator


Ok so I am unsure what exactly is in the new incubator they let out can you get the indo rex?


Possibility to get Indoraptor. I didn’t get tho


Cause it has the indo rex face but I was in clear to be a 100% honest


I think it’s the dinosaurs that let you create some of the hybrids like Indominus Rex which can then go on to be used to make the Unique Superhybrids such as Indoraptor.

So you might get some velociraptor and T-rex DNA, but you could get the ingredients for a different hybrid like Utasinoraptor instead (also pictured).

Basically - no guaranteed DNA - you’re taking a gamble with your money.

Edit: just reread it and it suggests you could get Indominus Rex directly from the picture and description, but when you select it only Epic DNA is guaranteed, so I’m not sure if you can get Legendary DNA from it directly - maybe…?


Right I hate all this uncertainty with the incubators I wish they let us no exactly what we are gambling for if that creature on the picture is acutal in it it’s just a pain sometimes


I got the super hybrid unique incubator.
Very disappointing. Only got a bunch of v rapter DNA and some epic erlikosaurus and sinoceratops dna.


Thank you i think I won’t buy this one thanks for the help guys