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New Interesting Ideas To Improve The Communities Experience Whilst Playing JW Alive [LEAVE IDEAS AND OPINIONS]


Idea 1:
I believe it would be a really interesting and intriguing idea if you were able to have different variations of colours on dinosaurs, which could be obtained by breeding the same Dinosaur together which would also mean the introduction of genders into the game. By an allocated chance a hatched egg could result in a “mutation” which would for example create a blue texture to the t rex’s skin instead of the plain orange/brown texture.

Idea 2:
To hatch the eggs they’d be put in an incubator which would take an amount of time to hatch dempending on the rarity and type of dinosaur. Which could be accelerated via in game currency or walking.

Idea 3:
Another idea would to be create a global trading system where players could create a request where they’d give up say a dinosaur with a curtain colour mutation (as mentioned before) in return for another colour mutated dinosaur. This could also work for dinosaur DNA.

The system would allow players to purchase or make offers to each other which could be directed to “mail” which would allow players to look over the offer and decide if they would like to accept.

By implementing this into the game it would also give more opportunities for the game to create a profit and flourish.

Example 1: By implementing colour mutations on dinosaurs it would create the opportunity to have special offers in store for players to spend in game currency to purchase an other wise unattainable colour mutation of a curtain dinosaur.

Example 2: By Creating dinosaur genders and eggs and it creates the opportunity to have players spend in game currency to either speed up the hatching of eggs or open other incubator slots.

Example 3: Could provide other incentives to the VIP PASS such as an extra incubator, quicker incubating speeds and exclusive dinosaur colour mutations. All which would further increase players interest in buying the VIP PASS to further increase their experience.

Example 4: By implementing a trading system a fee could be added that would make the player use a ingame currency to collect their DNA or dinosaur.

By implementing all these ideas it would create more things for the community to work for and other ways to interact with each other. While also creating more ways for the game to make a profit and flourish.


What I would love to see is the ability to up the league of our dinosaurs if Ludia insist on pushing the “rarity determines strength” policy.

For example, you could upgrade a common Velociraptor to rare, epic, legendary and then unique. It would cost a lot, but you would gain extra stats and/or skills, reintroducing variety to the arena.

The cost should be around the same as if you were upgrading uniques. Potentially needing a new special resource or dino bucks.

Maybe they would unlock cosmetics, like you mentioned. For example, an unique Rex would have the head shape and color of Buck from The Lost World. Or something like that.


I like this idea alot! Would be cool to see someone kicking ass with Velociraptor or some other normal dino


Raptors are the semi protagonists to the movie. We definitely want more raptors to have the ability to fq up the whole team of 4, not just a tarded dodging indo.


A clock on the display will make a little qol upgrade.


Some Apatosaurus nerfs.


That’s a great idea it would make arena battles more refreshing and entertaining to play and stratergise.

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