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New Inventory page

Hello I would like to suggest that you add a page for inventory, a place that we can see all of the scales that we already have in a nice simple grid, especially because progress on the rarest scales (the ones with 3 stars under them)is only visible if you have a legendary dragon of that specific color trained up to their penultimate star level, and not everyone always has one of those of each color… So often that number of the rarest scales is a mystery.
I think also this page could be a better place to list all of the trust points we have for various event dragons, instead of taking up space on the roster. This wouldn’t need to be a whole new tab on the bottom. Maybe just add a tab to the Dragons tab, so alongside Book of Dragons and Roster there could be another tab with this “inventory(up to you what to call it?)” info. Or bring the boat back! Anyway I think this could be a great quality of life improvement.
You could also use this space to add in things like our premium and common token count, since those can be a mystery to us when they are both stacked up… and probably other things I’m not thinking of. Or maybe you could add things with mechanics you haven’t even created in there, like various kinds of gameplay boosters or speed ups … timer speed ups, experience boosters, resource boosters.


Now that we get chests more often instead of only purchasing them with runes or medals, I believe that this inventory page I suggested a while back be a place as all chests go by default, so people can choose when they want to open them. This new update has made these resource chests often hard (via challenge) and energy expensive to obtain, and then despite that effort, they can immediately go to waste just because there wasn’t enough space for them to go right then. Well, being able to hold onto chests could act as like a secondary resource storage, which expanded resource storage is something I have heard people starting to call for.
It does seem a little extrem, but obviously there could be stack limits on how many of each chest you can hold, to continue keeping somewhat of a lid on excessive hording.
Anyway I really feel this inventory working for chests would help me want to buy more of the rare chests from the rune shop, because it would be a way to stack up on extra alpha or arena energy for when I would want to use it instead of the possibility of them turning up in the shop when I don’t need them.


A scale inventory would still be very helpful.


I’m surprised that we don’t have a place for inventory already. It’s such a basic idea.

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You couldn’t put sheep here as well

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Yeah, sheep don’t belong here because they are used like dragons, it makes sense they take roster space up.
However I suggested above stuff like new items or changing how chests work by being able to choose when to open chests could be nice features of the inventory area.

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