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New issue now says fb log in

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Hey Helen_Sansome, our FAQ here has some troubleshooting steps that might help:

Me too have this issue and also a friend of mine. I tried with that instruction but it won’t work

Thanks for letting us know, Orpheos85. I’ll notify our team!

Seem it works again now, i can connect again and also my friend can

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Just happened to me ,try clean cache and all data worked for me

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I’m happy to hear that it’s working now! :smiley:

Had same problem. Uninstall and reinstall for me worked

I went into a battle, selected my dino, timer counted down to 0 but it was ME who wasn’t connected anymore, restart app to find myself getting swept 0-3 so I just closed the app because why would I even bother at that point, right?

I wait about a half hour and can’t log in now! I just keep alternating between these two pages and I’m getting REALLY peeved. If this cannot be fixed, guess I get to have a nice little chat with Apple and get about a year and a half of money back! They are SURPRISINGLY helpful, even waiving standard cut-off dates for refunds in extreme cases.

I either get my account back or I get money back along with being able to clear my conscience of having spent it in the first place.

Your move, Ludia.

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Updated: after the 7th app restart it finally work. You just have to keep on restarting the app, give your phone a few restarts as well.

Restarted the app and my phone multiple times I changed nothing with my facebook privacy setting. It just stopped working…Screenshot_20190827-121653_JW%20Alive

Happened suddenly also to me and a friend of mine. I think facebook have changed something with his facebook login. I hope ludia resolve ot quickly

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After like the 7th restart it finally worked…you just have to keep trying…great ludia another bug.