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New jaws lurking in lakes

Jack is back! (well my true name is Jacob, JackSolly is just a nickname). Anyway I thank all people who praised my previous drawing with Homotherium. I’m not ultimate artist, there are lots of people who can do better than me, but I’m still trying to give my artworks something.

For this guy I designed his lvl 40 look as freshwater bottom camouflaged lurker, like frogfish, monkfish or the matamata turtle, charging when prey is close.
Creature’s dorsal sail is “inspired” by the venomous Scorpionfish, so I can imagine to use it for swimming or for spike defence.
If you zoom the drawing you can see that Anthracosaur’s bottom jaw, sides of his body and tail, or on the edge of tail fin are covered with strange branched fleshy appendages. These are used for amphibian’s camoulfage on the water floor. You can see these kind of appendages on monkfish or the Wobbegong shark.
Coloring of his body is also intended for blending on the floor. Spots and shades of green color distort creature’s body shape.

I recommend downloading the image to see more accurate colors.

Also, I would want this Amphibian to be a Tournament or Clash of Titans Legendary category. Also I would want him to have Crocodile style animations like Microposaurus, Prionosuchus or the Sarcosuchus. No Tournament amphibian has this animation style so far…

Wil it become a future ingredient for a Hybrid? Who knows…
Hope the game producters will like this concept.