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New Journey Ideas For Windshear, Sleuther, Cloudjumper and Skullcrusher

Windshear- Lvl 53 Required
Lvl 53 Juorney- Berserker Isles- Cost 10 Iron (Rewards; Wood, Runes (100), Triple Stryke, Jade-Blade, Rare Pack, Collectibles)
Lvl 108 Juorney- Dragon’s Edge- Cost 280 Iron (Rewards; Collectibles, Night Terror, Razorwhip, Mystery Pack, Edge Pack, Rare Pack, Runes (500), Iron, Wood, Fish or Premium Pack)

Sleuther- Lvl 75 Required
Lvl 75- Outcast’s Shores- Cost 120 Runes (Rewards; Collectibles, Snafflefang, Skrill, Wood, Fish, Polished Amber, Iron, Runes(250), Collectibles, Uncommon Pack, Rare Pack or Ketillkott)
Lvl 90- Edge Cove- Cost 250 Million Wood (Rewards; Raw Amber, Slithersong, Seashocker, Runes (2000), Rare Pack, Edge Pack, Uncommon Pack, Wood, Fish, Schmoozer, Collectibles)
Lvl 150- Algae Island- Cost 550 Runes (Rewards; Collectibles, Runes (1000), Polished Amber, Iron, Fish, Rockstomper, Flightmare, Hofferson’s Bane, Viggo’s Flightmare, Ruffnut’s Trancemare)

Cloudjumper- Lvl 80 Required
Lvl 80- Valka’s Sanctuary- Cost 3 million Fish (Rewards; Collectibles, Polished Amber, Fish, Wood, Iron, Mystery Pack, Rare Pack, Valka’s Mercy, Gruff, Borealis, Incognito, Lump (extremely extremely low but Bewilderbeast Pack), )
Lvl 135- Dragon’s Edge- Cost 1000 Iron (Rewards; Head, Butt, Cavern Crasher, Thunderdrum, Collectibles, Raw Amber, Runes (2500), Wood, Fish, Mystery Pack, Edge Pack, Valka’s Seashocker)

Skullcrusher- Lvl 6 Required
Lvl 6- Meade Hall Doors- Cost 15 Runes (Rewards; Iron, Fish, Wood, Runes (10-20), Polished Amber, Typhoomerang, Rumblehorn, Soaring Sidekick)
Lvl 172- Outcast’s Shores- Cost 5000 Iron (Rewards; Iron, Fish, Wood, Runes (2000-5000), Polished Amber, Kick-off Terror, Coldsnap, Furnace, Premium Pack)

Please comment below for ideas and opinions


Maybe not lvl 6 for skullcrusher maybe more like lvl 60 and the bewilderbeast pack should contain a few primal dragons runes some of the dragons featured in the second movie and present in the game a costume and a 0.10%chance for a bewilderbeast overall very good idea

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True, sure thing

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