New JWA from PvP to PtP

That’s correct… where until a few months ago this game was very entertaining, enabling you to go out, hunt or ambush some creatures, slowly progressing and levelling up and see how strong your team had become by bringing them into battle…

The game has changed. For good.

Now, if you want to progress, you no longer need to go outside and hunt to level up. Why should you?? Just level up one of your team creatures 1 level and all of a sudden all of your opponent have creatures 5 lvls higher than you and… boosted at least just as much as yours!

So no more PvP. JWA is now PtP- Pay to Progress.
You want to win in battle? Buy boosts! As many as you can. Don’t bother levelling up your creatures, no seriously, don’t! Just boost your epics, rat and Thor to the max and you’re about done.

Too bad. It used to be such a nice game where a level up would actually work in your advantage and with that, reward all the efforts you took to accomplish it.


This sounds like a good argument for why you should still hunt and level up as much as possible. They can’t be 5 levels higher than you if you max out.


Yeah… right… as if the game won’t progress on this. Smart answers like this have been seen before… like “before the boosts” so all went out and levelled from 26 to 30 and now they’re all kicked from aviary by lvl 24 epics on steroids. Keep on dreaming…


You clearly know more than me so I’ll just leave you to your struggle and stop offering anything constructive.


Yup, because I don’t agree with you so I guess that makes me ignorant :thinking:


Your replies make you seem ignorant, though I never said you were.


I offered a solution to your problem and you shot it down. Don’t take advice from someone with 7 level 30s on their team. I know nothing about how to build a team to compete with.

We would like you to have a polite and constructive discussion on our forum.

Levelling up doesn’t do anything good. Neither does replacing your lower levelled boosted creatures by any of your painfully slow gathered uniques. Finally got your Indoraptor? Great! It’s been nerved and besides putting it in your team will give you a can full of opponents with 8 uniques in their team. You decided to level up your legendary or unique because you’ve finally got enough dna? Great! You’ll be encountering lvl 25 epics and 27 common/rares boosted to their teeth instead of the lvl 22 and 24 you encountered before you levelled this single one. It’s just rubbish

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the problem here, it’s a race.

you can’t simply go hunt and level things up to progress, because many people are doing the same PLUS buying boosts.

if i incredibly find a lot of dna now and level 8 tyrants to 30, i will find a lot of similar power teams plus boosts.

the OTHER problem, not less important, is matchmaker. this turns the race a F1 race. to go over matchmaker range and beat opponents, you have to upgrade really faster (hardcore hunting and buying boooooooosts).

without that, you have a limit. aviary maybe, who knows.

so i suggest do what im doing while Ludia analyze if they can change things… forget about climb in ranking and just play, finding other challenges yourself.

some people are not battling arena anymore, just strike.

some people created their own goal: unlock all creatures.

i dropped to arena 1 this weekend, 60 trophies. now im battling with different dinos and testing matchmaker limits.

other than trying to be up in rank anyway. because matchmaker showed me my limit: aviary.



I stopped caring about trophy count since 1.7. And indeed just go round have some fun. But still it’s frustrating to finally get that specific unique or legendary (at team strength) and be punished for using it. The description you’ve given is spot on what I mean.


Don’t see any actual data that leveling up dinos means you get stronger opponents. Actually from my experience leveling up Erlidominus to lvl 26 didn’t changed my opponents. Decided to boost Erli and Utarinex to tier 6 and instantly got opponents with more boosted teams.

Good luck with boosted Magna under lvl 24 against Thor or Tryko. Leveling up also raises up dinos health and damage significantly, especially boosted ones.

When you realize that the game pvp/tournaments are manipulated It loses the real fun

For me, I’m putting more effort into my 2nd account where I have 80 creatures level 15 and 16 and can put together any type of team you can think of… well almost. I have several more creatures to bring up to level to 15… Owens raptors.

I have all but 3 legendary’s. The battles are fun in this range. Only running into a few teams where the owner has way over boosted at least one of their creatures. I bring a variety of different creatures many don’t have yet at that level to battle against. I win some and I loose some. I even win against the lightly boosted teams with my none boosted creatures but I have some good legendary’s they don’t that helps against those.

My teams are not over powering and neither are my opponents to me. I did loose badly this earlier in a couple battles with a team of birds 0-3 and 1-3, but I was getting up a bit high in trophy’s and needed to sink a bit. But then again, I completely switched my team to “Creepy Crawlers” and won a couple battles back and now sit and a new high trophy score… again. I’m getting a bit too close to Lockdown. I’m due for a loosing streak.

Anyway, making my own fun in this game.


Update 1.7 created an imbalance in the arena that still isn’t resolved. The algorithm favored lower level, boosted teams by giving them easy matches based on highest team level alone. As a result, if you had higher level dinos - even if common, epic or legendary (30 Suchotator, 30 Tragodistis) you found yourself matched with teams of all-30 uniques. Needless to say, this cost you hundreds of trophies while others, with lower level teams, were able to progress up the ranks unchallenged by stronger teams.

Sadly, update 1.8 hasn’t corrected that. But I’m beginning to see some progress, perhaps due to recent minor updates. Despite putting my maxed Suchotator and Trago back on my team, I have not been matched with a lot of level 30 uniques (if any; but I’ve not done a lot of arena battles lately). The matches have appeared to be fairer. It will take some time and a lot more battles, and perhaps more of the algo will need to be changed, but I’m hopeful now.

P.S. I’m finally back in the Aviary; pre-1.7, I was above 5,200 (with a weaker team).


i did.

twice. :sunglasses:

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In another post people were saying that level and dinosaur rarity should not count for matches.

Level 30 commons facing level 30 uniques was not an issue.

The reason the arena/matchmaking isn’t “fixed” is that no one can agree on a single solution for all. The closest they come is one that would personally suit them.


I have genuinely just stopped playing the arena almost the game entirely, because the DNA I need at this point doesn’t spawn near me, and I literally haven’t won a single arena match since the update. I hate it, it’s killed the fun I used to have. I’m honestly considering intentionally losing down to the first area and trying out new dinos. At least that would be fun.


I was considering doing this on my primary account but since I have every common, rare, epic and all but 3 legendary’s on my 2nd account, I really don’t need to drop. I have 81 creatures to choose from and make teams with and, yes, it is so much more fun than being stuck in a boost infested rat race with only 8 good creatures to play.

You’ll play against a larger variety of creatures than the upper arenas and now with the alliance mission rewards starting to rotate, the variety should increase and should start seeing less and less sino’s, einios, concaves and more variety of rares and epics to battle against.


the only problem with original trophies-only matchmaker was arena droppers.

players with high level teams, after season ended, was loosing purposely to drop arenas and get some easy wins for fun, or to get specific dinos from incubators.

so people asked for team strenght scoring system, to avoid a lvl 30 dino drop and fight against a lvl 10.

today we have other solutions for that. daily boosts is one, if you drop you get less daily boosts.

team strenght score now is even worse than trophies only, because you don’t eventually face a stronger unbeatable team, but you simply stay stuck in ranking, don’t matter if you have 8 lvl 23 dinos or upgrade them to lvl 24, or buy some boost packs.

maybe going back to trophies only and develop other things to encourage people to not dropping, would be better than spend all life finding a solution to tune score system.