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New JWA Hybrid Idea: Velocirex

The Velocirex Is a hybrid of dracorex and velociraptor, and it’s an Epic.

It has feathers, A dome, a Raptor head with a beak, A toe claw, and spikes on its back.

Color: Green and blue Feathers, Purple Body, Red bottom part of body, A yellow crest and yellow stripes.

Artists: can you draw this creature? (Draw it however you think it will look).
Other JWA fans: what stats should it have? What attacks should it have?


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Snake dude is an artist?

Yes, is the best

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Ta-da! What did ya think?


@Snake_Dude enjoy and see what I sent you in the “inbox”

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :relaxed:Thank you! I may not be the best as u said, I greatly appreciate it!

I actually just started as I saw this lol

wdym?(what do you mean?)

BEATIFUL! I LOVE IT! AMAZING! I love this art so much


It is a really amazing looking creature :grin:

You did a really good job on it :+1:

If the velociraptor and the dracorex hybrid comes the game I would level it up to a really high level and use all the time because both creatures are super strong and fast and the colors are fantastic

Thank you!

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I’m thinking on a new hybrid idea right now.