New League 5000+? Not happy

since the last update and the sudden increase in levels and power of a large group of players, I have lost 1k trophies and can’t string any wins together. I could beat lv 20 sometimes before the update. But now those players are 21-25 and no I have chance.
It’s disheartening and not fun and I’m going to stop spending any more money as it feels like i worked really hard and was in touch of the top but it’s got me nowhere.
It may fix it if you put new higher leagues in to seperate off the very high players. Maybe 5000+ And more?


The gap is now too large. I agree. 5-10 levels above for some opponents.

This was predictable.

It also makes me wonder about gem hacks

This! How is it possible one player has all 28/29 toons?
@Keith is Ludia investigating on this?