New ledgendaries spotted!

i can get dracoceratops, koolambergana, phourusoura, or closest to dodceiva, dracoceratops, and phourusaura. which one?


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Dodocevia, then pho

ok i will try

if somebody will take time, can they list them in order by how good they are?

Dodocevia, phorusaurua, dracoceratops, koolabourgiania

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ok i will try, it will take a long time tho, cuz i only have so much money.

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You spending money on the game?
If yes…

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They mean coin

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i am a he
also why would i spend 400 grand on a game

its not like i am like rich

bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have to wait 4 ever to get a legendary

yooooooo almost have dracoceratops have triceratops lvl 15 dracorex gen 2 lvl 11

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soooo close dracorex lvl 14

Listing them by how good they will be in the long run would be phoru, koola, dodo, draco due to unique hybrids

almost got dracoceratops cuz i could not work on anything else

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Good luck on it
Imo phoru is more worth it to go for if your budget is tight. It’s components are not too hard to get by, maiasaura as long as you reach above certain arena and the rest two are commons and can ultimately let you create phorurex which is a good creature to go for, at least for now