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New legendary flyer - Darwezoptryx

It’s heeere!


You going for the stgyi hybrid?? Very jealous youve got the update… sat at work spamming refresh… :frowning:

I thought SS was 50% speed reduction now??

Looks like the text is still wrong. It’s 50% in game

Good to know! Thanks!!

Doesn’t appear to be 50 in game. Used Dilo SS against thagomizer, and the stego still had speed priority.

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Very nice @Piere87. Sadly, I don’t have enough Darwinopterus DNA to create it yet but soon! Let me know how well it performs in battle, and its unique hybrid Stygidaryx is going to be one of my goals to create as well.

I need to do some friendlies with it. It’s not up to my team level but I’m definitely going for the unique. I’m about to go hit up a park with an epic scent to try and get more Darwin. And will go all Darwin this weekend.

Really? I just went against Dilorach with monostego. I hit with decel and they did ss and they were still faster.

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