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New Legendary Hybrids Announced! 1.6 Is Coming!


Explorers! They’ve done it again!

We’ve got the formula for the two new Legendary Dinosaurs right here!!! Patch 1.6 is coming. The hype is real!

New Hybrids

None of them really lookout to me. I’m not really sure about the Koolasuchus hybrid because it’s made with a new dinosaur that we haven’t seen yet


What levels do they need to be to start fusing?

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What’s the other dino used for the Koolasuchus hybrid?


Usually any ingredients you need for a legendary have to be at 15, no matter common, rare or epic.




You hear that @Hersh? All your Koolasuchus are going to surmount to something now


Hahaha, all this time I thought Ludia was against me, sending me all the koola in the world…
now I know they were just looking out :joy:


I knew It wasnt koolasaurus, i was thinking about an armored herbivore, totally forgot about scolosaurus from the metahub datamine.


Now we need only a concavenator and a carno hybrid and we are set



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Oh Man! How will we ever find enough of Darwin to make this work???


And a spino gen 2 one


My thoughts exactly! Hopefully we start seeing Darwin in events or in the wild more?

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mine is level 15 with about 100 DNA. I needs lots to make this happen.


We had a chance to collect Darwi a couple of weeks ago… Now it feels bad that I split between darwi and ptera, but prioritising ptera

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I got Darwin last event, it’s at L15 with over 1100 left over. I’ll make it right away, but wait to level it up, like most things.

I’m also guessing the unique flyer is Dimodactylus + Quetzal, in which case I’m also ready.


Darn, I wasn’t able to even get to the Darwino event, still locked for me. I think I’m about Lvl 14 for Koola, too.


I called it - the Koolasuchus hybrid requiring the Epic version instead of the Rare version. Welp, here goes two more Legendaries that are gonna take forever for me to fuse… I’m all set for Hatz, but for Darwin, I’m gonna be relying on Events to even get started…

And I knew I should’ve collected DNA from that Epic Koola last night. :upside_down_face: When am I gonna learn? :confounded::worried::sweat:

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Really glad i choose to dart mostly darwin last event… and it gives me hope i was right by darting almost every concavenator ive seen. His time will come… hopefully… even though Im l1… i hope they do the spino gen 2… before its l1 and l2 counter parts.