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New Legendary Hybrids Announced! 1.6 Is Coming!

My Koola is lvl 15 and has 5k dna, I should be close to fine, right?

As far as the koola part 5k should take a bit to burn through at 50 a fuse.

Wish I could trade half of it for Darwin.

I’m guessing the unique flier on the left is Dimodactylus + Monomimus and the unique flier on the right is the legendary flier + Dracoceratops or Alankylosaurus + Stygimoloch G2.

We now know scolosaurus is coming!

It probably is ramphorynchus (a new flyer that was datamined back in 1.3) and dimodactylus.

The way they have been flooding gali in every chest ive ppened since 1.5 i just dont see mono being used in a unique at this time

OMG yes, the last 3 epic scents I have dropped in L3 has given me Spino out the ying yang! Epic scent today gave me 3 spinos and no Erliks…

Monomimus is truly usseles until it get damage buff. He even can’t win againt indo now with same level. I don’t know how to use it now?

I am so curious to learn what SIA the hartz and Darwin hybrid will have. Sheild or bleed?


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I tought i was koolasuchus+purrusaurus,i guess i was wrong

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Still waiting for Tanator. :wink:


i’ll post a pic when i create mine. I have enough DNA for creation

Darwinopterus L15 +841
Hatzegopteryx L15 +46,691 !!
Koolasuchus L15 +1,314

Ready, steady … :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget Secodontosaurus!


Am I reading too much into this ??

dimodactylus is more likely since it has a similar one on top and bottom of its head but monomimus sure is a possibility… and concern… monomimus is already frustrating as it is and now they give it bleed too? (the toothy birds tend to bleed) i hope its just dimodactylus and not monomimus


I’m really really hoping it’s dimodactylus, it’s definitely the more likely ingredient.
Haha, I’m just getting antsy and thinking worst case scenarios :sweat_smile:

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do you wanna get immune bleeders with evasive stance? thats how you get immune bleeders with evasive stance