New legendary, riders, Meade hall level and hybrids!

Rise of berk needs to add lots of new stuff to the game. One new legendary which should make sense is the eruptodon. This was more of a legendary dragon in the series. They could add mala and throt or just mala. A new meade hall level would be nice as well. If this new meade hall level could give us brand new buildings that would be cool. And give us hybrids. i don’t mind how but please do it. Oh! and new islands would be good to


I agree that a new Legendary would be good. But what would it do? Submaripper fixed an issue that Ludia created themselves. Elder Sentinel has a handy ability but I can’t say I’ve ever used it.

I don’t particularly want hybrids in game myself. As for Mala, or any of the extra characters from the Netflix show, yes please.

But they would need to serve a purpose. We have Dagur, Heather, Eret & Valka with huts but they don’t really do anything. Journeys for them would be great.


Since they added Featherhide from Nine Realms, it is possible to add hybrids soon

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