New-looking Hybrid Dinosaurs that are different from the others!

Well, this dinosaur’s name is Comprimensaurus Rex

What I can describe about this dinosaur is, it a bit different from the other hybrids.

This dinosaur was created by Combined some of the DNA of modern animals and dinosaurs

(Of the most / influential)
This (C-Rex) Contains DNA from :

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Velociraptor
  3. Giganotosaurus
  4. Carcharodontosaurus
  5. Therizinosaurus
  6. Harpy Eagle
  7. Saltwater Crocodile
  8. Border Collie Dog
  9. Orca / Killer Whale
  10. African Grey Parrot
  11. New Caledonian Crow
  12. Cuttlefish
  13. Tree Frog
  14. Pit viper snake

What makes this dinosaur so amazing is that it has a very high iq, maybe this dinosaur is the smartest dinosaur.
It can also mimic some voices / sounds, can camouflage like the indominus rex, regulate body temperature, Able to open the jaw very wide and has very sharp vision and can see more color.
The skin on his body is very difficult to penetrate, especially in the upper part, also hunts in groups.
This dinosaur has 5 fingers, can grip very well and efficiently.
Its teeth are shaped like carcharodontosaurus and sharks, its jaws are also long and strong

How big and strong is a fully grown Female C-Rex?

*15 - 19 Meters Long
*6 - 10 Meters Tall
*Weighed about 9 - 22 Tons
Speed : about 28 Miles per hour
Bite force : 8 - 9 Tons

Meanwhile, A Fully grown Male C-Rex

  • 17 - 25 Meters Long
  • 8 - 12 Meters Tall
  • Weighed about 12 - 26 Tons
    Speed : about 24 - 26 Miles per hour
    Bite force : 10 - 12 Tons

Yeah, This is crazy, but I like it :’

This is almost the exact same as Indominus Rex but with different ingredients and slight differences… I mean, super smart, camouflaging, armored plates, capable of opening it’s mouth quite wide, etc… Could we at least create our own concepts, instead of copy-pasting and slightly editing and already existing one? I’m not trying to be mean, just providing some criticism.

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Hmm, yes, u r right. actually my point is, his vision and thinking ability are much better than other dinosaurs, I can’t think well now because I’m having a problem in my head that makes me too dizzy, I’m a fan of indominus, so I’m a bit of an indominus copy because my head fell so damn sick when trying to think critically

Thank you, now I know what to write.