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New low level Hadros Strat. Turns out Dsungaia is good for something

Don’t be put off by the number of time Prowl turns up in the strat, Marsupial Lion only needs to dodge one attack in the entirety of the raid, and it’s right at the start. The rest of the Prowls are to make use of its other advantages.

You don’t really have to worry about what moves the minions use except in R1T1, and even then only if Entelo uses GF while Gorgo uses DSI while landing a crit will it go wrong, but even that can be prevented with more HP as I mentioned in the strat.

I’m pretty sure this is the only Hadros strat so far with low levels across the board. There’s no video yet because my phone decided to have a heart attack but I did get a win screen screenshot.
And it can be accomplished with even lower levels than shown here.

If the Thor you’re using kills Gorgosaurus in one hit then Marsupial Lion should Prowl at the start of every round except the last, and you might have to adjust some of the multipliers, but if you have a Thor that big there’s probably better strats for you to use.

Edit: There’s a video now!


Wouldn’t Hadros slow everyone down or remove the Group Accel effect as soon as it’s attacked during Turn 4 of Round 1?

Edit: Nvm, I forget that the Gorgosaurus minion hasn’t any speed boosts on it

Tried to get footage. Sorry. We messed up so many times. Almost got it once, but Hadros crit on a rampage. It was like 3 turns from a win.

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Had to make a correction to the strat, it should work better now.