New lvl rewards / one time offer - bugged



Playing from android using Samsung S8+

I’m currently at 5lvl, when I ranked up to the 3rd, 4th and 5th level the game is always crashing (stucking up) on the screen with the one time offer.

Such a thing is very discouraging to play, and I was thinking about buying a monthly subscription but now I’m not sure about it. The same thing happens to my brother’s account, he also plays on android.


Can't buy special offer

I lost a few of my incubators because of randomness… i have full service and click on the incubator and boom… no rewards. I just sent a complaint to customer service but no reply. might be because of the event day theyre too busy.


Hey there, I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t able to take advantage of these One-Time offers; I know how frustrating it can be to miss out on these. One possible reason for this is that your store might not have had a valid method of payment synced and when payment was attempted the game forced you into the Store. Once a payment method is re-synced and players return to the game, however, the offer will have disappeared. We recommend that our players have a valid method of payment ready so that these special offers can be taken advantage of when they do appear. If you have any issues with this, please feel free to contact us at

Lost my special offer
Offer unique
Game bugs

Thank you for your reply, where should I set-up the payment method?

This is the window where I’m always crashing on:


In order to set up a payment method, you need to go to the iTunes or Google Play store and verify that your method of purchase is valid. Players should try and do this before launching the game, in order to not miss out on any of our special offers!

Also, if you have missed on an offer in the past, not to worry! These offers tend to come and go, so you might run into it again in the future.


I just checked and I have valid payment method in my Google Play, I was able to buy things just recently so this is not that. It’s a bug in your game application.

I also just seen on my eyes same problem on a friends smartphone, he reached 4lvl, there was info that he will receive special incubator, but of course the one time offer window poped up and crashed the game after he touching the screen (not on the offer).

You didn’t reply to my main problem, while I can live without special offer that may show up from time to time, I can not reconcile with the loss of the leveling reward, I didn’t recive them, because the game crashed. I need rewards for reaching lvl 3,4 and 5, also soon it will be same problem when I reach 6.


I’ve got same problem when I reached lvl 5 on IPhone 7 with valid payment method. Same thing happened to my son today on higher level on IPhone SE. I don’t think that payment method is a cause.


Same problem, and I have a valid credit card


It happened with me yesterday when I reached level 8. I wanted to buy that 1 time offer but the game crashed. I’m out of coins now and no way I’m going to next level anytime soon. I hope you guys fix this problem.


I have the same problem. When a higher level is reached, the application breaks down.


Same here. I just reached lvl 4. Valid method of payment and it crashed the game. When I restarted it, it was gone. The offer and the incubator.

Please fix this as soon as possible. And a compensation wouldn’t hurt.


I just lost the reward / bonus in the form of an incubator for a promotion from level 4 to 5. The same thing happened when I was promoted from level 3 to 4. Please help me, inf. Do you want to be like this ?! my support key: NFRRFKQM


I have the same problem. I have valid method of payment and only once i recieved reward. From the 2nd level till 5 now - when my level od going up - the game is crashing :frowning: The same has my daughter on her device. Our codes of game are: NFRNFSLA and NFRQCOBX. As also we have even different types of logging. I have with Facebook and she has with Googleplay.


Similar thing just happened to, reached level 6 and as previous levels was informed I had and incubator to collect. Then the one-time offer popped up, I declined, and then nothing. Tried restarting the app but still nothing.
First time this has happened thankfully, but I would still like that “level-up incubator”.


Same thing just happened to me. I had previously bought a one time offer successfully but, on levelling up to 5, it crashed and I missed out on the offer and the incubator.


again I lost the prize / bonus in the form of an incubator when I was promoted from level 5 to 6. Please, do fix it in the end and compensate losses, because this is not an individual situation ?! my support key: NFRRFKQM


I’m level 7 now, still crashing on new level, still loosing all the rewards… Nothing is helping it.


Same here, I’m level 6 and it always crashed when I leveled up. Actually didn’t know that there was something as a bonus. Also now I got new rank in arena and it crashed, couldn’t see what was the bonus, but this was my first crash in arena.
Supp key: NFRDMLCC


Also crashed after the one time offer. I seriously hope someone is fixing this and giving the incubators we lost…


It’s unfair! Another promotion and another loss of bonus for this! every time we go to a higher level and the bonus incubator shows up after clicking on it, the game turns off and after it is resumed, nothing is gone anymore. I want to compensate for this! my support key: NFRRFKQM.