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New Mammal Idea

Want this in game.
Have a pack of them and give them swap in move and call it ambush.


I have done a move called ambush: deal 2x damage, the target is distracted for 1 turn, cleanse distraction

I definitely agree we need to add some type of wolf mammal to the game.

it should be legendary.

Heatlh: 3600
Attack: 1200
Speed: 128

Definite Rampage
Distracting Impact
Defense Shattering Impact
Rending Takedown

Swap In Savagery
On Escape Rampage
Immune to Distraction
Immune to Deceleration

that would be sooooo awesome!

You mean epic?

And a regular creature has 3 moves. And, btw, that moveset is broken


epic would be awesome but might be to strong thats why i was thinking legendary

Well, wouldn’t you have to introduce a regular wolf first, then make a legendary?

yeah i know…i just couldnt decided what move would best fit…so i just thought i would list suggested moves and passives that could potentially work.

I suppose your right, we definitely need a canine in the mix tho, and a bear haha

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We still need andrew

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epicyon haydeni
ursus spelaeus

they would all be great additions…you guys agree?

Indricotherium, thylacosmilus, and megalania (it’s not a mammal, but it’s a cool Cenozoic)

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Chalicotherium or bust.

Heck, MEGATHERIUM or bust. Just gimme big ridiculous out-of-this-world mammals.

We still need that chunky armadillo-lookin dude from Ice Age.

really cool ideas