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New Mammal Ideas: Apes

Some ideas for early Cenozoic primates in jwa.


King Louie 2016 seems a bit overpowered to me, don’t know much about balance creatures and stats so I may be wrong, but the fact that it can basically deal with anything that comes its way is concerning. It can remove shields, use shields including on-escape & swap in, make most things vulnerable practically every turn, cleanse everything at any moment, and I would have thought with all that rending would at least be the best option since the other effects can be cleansed but it has a resistance to it as well


Yea I don’t know much about balancing either so it may be op. From the play test I found he had the vital weakness of basic lack of defensive moves in his first turns, though I was playtesting against hybrids, so I’m not sure.

I agree it’s a good idea for me to edit the Rending part. The goal for primates is to have them seem versatile, but ofc that’s very risky as here it shows how easily they can be op


I wanna be like you, walk like you, talk like you, tooooooo


Got carried away with the gigantopithicus and made it pretty much unique hybrid level. If anyone wants to make a new one feel free to drop it here!

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So is Keen Strike supposed to nullify but you accidentally put cleanse?

Reject humanity become monke


You forgot king julian (Megaladapis)


I don’t think gigantophitecus should have a fierce move. He should more be a rampage creature


The classes for both are wrong dino is wild card and king kong is a fierce resilient

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