New Mammoth Hybrid

A new hybrid for wooly mammoth I think will be cool is a mammoth Trex Hybrid

it already has two, if there were more (nodopato is just a weird guy, he is so bad you may as well have multiple hybrids to actually be able to spend all the nodo you get), then indy would have three by now

So… tusked trex?

Why don’t they just give it a hybrid with Meiolania and cut out the middle man? :joy:


Basically entelolania with less componen

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I agree, Meiolania needs its own hybrid and not just Super-Hybrids! (Same with Tuojianosaurus)

There are no mammoth animation holders except itself so it would be better to get a Mammoth animation hybrid.

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While we are on the topic of Woolly Mammoth, does anyone notice that the Woolly Mammoth (when shown on the map) uses the Turtle sounds instead of Elephant sounds? Or is it just me?

Another Mammoth?
No thank you.

I want more proboscidians in general for this reason. Deinotherium, Mastodon, Columbian Mammoth, Gompothere, etc.


In jpb we had., Mastodon, ambelodon, woolly mammoth, platybelodon.

In Jwtg., Mastodon, woolly mammoth, deinotherium

In Jwa., Woolly Mammoth…

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