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New matches, Oct 6

If anyone is into the two father characters they’re available to be matched with. I forget one of their names, but I was able to match with Rory.

Waiting to see about anyone else.

Garrett & Rory - confirmed on FB group and Reddit that both are matching

Yeah, haha, just mentioned them. I wasn’t sure if there was anyone else or not though, but seems like no as far as I know.

Maybe we’ll get more female characters next update since we had two new male character storylines in a row for updates. That would be nice, but I’m not holding onto any expectations.

I kind of hope the game lets me play as someone who hates kids. I really want to know how they’ll react. :sweat_smile:

Can I get the information for the Facebook group can anyone join

Yes! Just answer the membership questions! :two_hearts:
Facebook Group


I’ve intentionally picked options to upset characters and they just get mad, but won’t unmatch with you. The situation always finds a way to right itself.

There is an option to say you’re open to trying something new when they mention having a daughter, but there’s no real “I hate kids” choice. There’s also one where you can act like it’s a drag to help the daughter out, but yeah, no excplitictly mean choice yet.

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The only time I’ve picked REALLY mean choices is when I couldn’t afford the gem choice to be polite. :joy: But you’re right, the consequences are usually minimal. It’s very rare that characters remember MC’s answers. MC seems to constantly change their personality, backstory, and even texting patterns to appeal to each LI, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised there’s no real “I hate kids” option.

Thank you I just did

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I literally checked and got no one at first, so I had to wait another 2 hours…

2 hours later, fingers crossed and whispering “C’mon Rory, c’mon Rory, c’mon Rory…” as the game loads up… then it opens up mid whisper… “C’mon- RORY!!!” And of course I swiped!!! Finally!!!

Now it’s not Austin or Skylar… but it’ll do. Until then, I will keep staring at my screenshot of “I fucking love you” to satisfy my needs. :relieved:

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I picked up on that too as well as how they text like if they use chat speak or type out the words with proper spelling depending on the other character. It makes me think of each MC responding to the characters as different people for each interaction, but some I see as the same MC responding but different, standalone timelines in a way though I know some characters may reference other characters on Lovelink (e.g. Angel and her counterpart do that).

I love when I’ve chosen a harsh response, but still get a boost in the meter a second later. The only lasting consequences your colder action/dialogue options tend to have are during dates. Like with Jake/Charlie/Zayn and Jamie/CP (I’m forgetting his counterpart’s name right now) there’s a choice you can make that is free vs premium and they remember which choice you make, and it slightly alters the story at moments.

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I’ve been thinking of them as one MC who’s a Machiavellian con artist lying to everyone at every turn. :joy:

I thought of that for interactions with a lot of characters, which is for sure fun! Admittedlt, especially when it comes to characters I’m significantly less interested in. Some are different MC for others. In the case I think of one MC talking to a bunch of the characters I think of what you said, but also it would be plausible that MC would be talking to multiple people anyway. And maybe they’re just in it for the potential free meals from dates. :joy:

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