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New matches? Please help

Hey, so I want to match with more people on the game but I can’t figure it out…the game isn’t letting me get any other matches. Do I have to edit my ‘profile’ to match with more people, or will I just never be able to match with anyone else?

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Alot of the matches don’t have stories yet so you can’t match with them at all yet. Other matches share the same storyline so you can only match with one or the other at a time. Hopefully they’ll have more soon

As of now there are 21 possible matches, being

  • 14 guys
  • 6 girls
  • 1 cat

If you already matched them all, them you’ll have to wait for those other “filler” profiles to have a story written

Ana became available to match with, so I presume her counterpart Melina is available as well. Not sure about who else became available to match with. Still waiting for the day I can match with Felicia.:pray:

My problem right now is they keep sending me notifications about “New Batch Of Matches,” and tell me that new matches will be available and it’s all guys. I am not interested in matching with guys.
And the 1 or 2 new females I didn’t match with.
It’s like they don’t want males playing this.

A “new batch of matches” just means that the profiles you can swipe through have fully refreshed so you have a full set of 10 again, not that there are new characters. The rate of which profiles appear is random, but there are definitely more guys than girls available both able to be matched with currently and in the future. It’s not that the dev team doesn’t want people who prefer women to play, it’s that the male characters make the most profit for the company.

The target player base and the majority of players for these types of games are often female and also often prefer the male characters, so when creating a dating sim game like this or those choose your story apps the primary love interests are always male because they’re the ones players typically spend their money on and are a stronger incentive for players to spend money than female love interests. It’s a shame, honestly, but unfortunately that’s just how the business is. And at the end of the day Lovelink (and all other romance games) is seeking to make as much profit as they can, which for us means an imbalance of female to male characters.

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