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New matches

Anyone else matched with someone new? I got Ana/Melina, but anyone know of any other new matches? This means I should probably start swiping right on more of the guys again to find out like I did last time when I ran out of girls to match with. I usually swipe left since I’m more interested in the girls, but I’ve seen a clear preference for releasing content for the guys though I’m guessing it’s because in general people prefer to match and spend gems on them so that’s understandable.

It’s interesting to me that MC asks Ana/Melina what they do and they say it’s a secret when it’s in their bios. Maybe an oversight?

I am still searching for the first match.

I wish you luck then that you find someone available that you like!

Yes I just matched with melina I was so surprised and Ryan’s story is back in play too

I’m curious to see how Ana/Melina will go. I matched with both one on my phone the other on my ipod even though I know they’re the same story since I like both their designs.

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Ohhh that’s a cool idea I didn’t even think to play on many devices so I can see other peoples story. If I did that I think I would be poor :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah, I definitely won’t be spending money since I already did on my phone and the story and photos are the same for characters that share a story with the character featured being different, of course, but sometimes I just like being able to talk to both. I’ll use the free 1000 diamonds the game starts you off with for Melina on my ipod.

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