New matches?

So, I received a notification today about new matches being available, does anyone know who these matches are? I’m still only seeing the same pool of counterparts.

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I’m fairly certain now that it’s just a notification we all get when you have a handful of random matches available to chose from. (If you’ve matched with them all it will be full of counterparts and matches whose story isn’t released yet.) It looks like when there’s a new match/story available, you’ll get a specific notification showing their profile picture and/or a little saying that pertains to them. :blush:

It’s as Mootalie said: it only means that the number of profiles to swipe through has hit the limit and won’t replenish with more until you swipe on someone.

It was the first time I’d ever received a notification stateing new matches were available was my reason behind asking, but yes all I’m seeing, and have seen for several days now since the arrival of Nick Klaus, are the same people over and over in a loop, and those are counterparts of all the ones I’ve matched with.