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"New matchmaking system "

How am i going to win against a thora with 140 speed and 1500 DMG? My team higher levels is 20 and im leveling all my team to that level since the matchmaking should match with peoples that got same level of your higher creature… No absolutelly is not the case i have no unique so no level 21 and each figth i see uniques even level up, why is it that? Im just level 15

You don’t have to win every single battle.

Matchmaking is definitely an issue still. I’m bouncing around 4600/4700 now having been 5200-ish before the “Age of Boosts”; just had an awful run against high-speed boosted teams which I lost 3-0 or 3-1 and looking at the recent opponents they are all 5100+ trophies. I don’t mind the odd loss to an overboosted team but that is just ridiculous.


I also think the matchmaking is a bit awkward at the moment. One battle can be super easy to win, while the next can be totally impossible (3 of mine taken down by one boosted hybrid). And I don’t know why. I hope it will sort itself out when all those much stronger than my team move further up.

Just one of a 100+ reasons that an AI option would be great.


Matchmaking has issues still. I have noticed the RNG swings are much shorter duration, which is very nice.

My situation is similar. It used to be Top500 and be above 5300/5400 points. Now I have fallen to the 4800 zone and I can not get out of there. On the other hand, for many members of my alliance it is the opposite. As a curiosity, until the change of version was always the number 1 or 2 of my alliance and now I am the number of 16, although I do not care much either. The funny thing is that we passed information on our rivals and my rivals tend to be stronger in 4800 than theirs in 5300.
As I said, for me the classification is not important but I hope that, like so many things in the new version, this will be solved.

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I do not think the matchmaking is taking boosts into account. Or if it is, they are not weighed heavily enough.

I see the same thing in our alliance, some have moved way up and others way down.

Just a thought here. It could also be how they decided to boost. Perhaps users who put their boosts into one or two have a better chance of drawing them so will advance faster? Those that spread the boosts out are not as strong so have advanced less. Those that have not purchased boosts, use only the daily incubator ones, are moving down the ranks. Or perhaps those with the most speed boosts are advancing faster?

I chose not to boost anything, as an experiment. I wanted to see where a solid 4100 - 4200 team would end up. Currently just below 3600 and am able to get many 3-2 battles now.


I would like to lose when my opponente is smarter than me or when i do a mistake that he take an advanteg of… Not when i figth against level 26 boosted uniques when my max is 20


I remember the good old days. When I could win an occasional battle and get incubators. Now I just start a battle then want to throw my phone.


This is exactly what I am noticing. With a balanced team it seems you don’t advance. It’s hard to even get a battle. While others that only invested in 1-2 Dino’s are able to climb much easier. Also did some testing myself. With current team. Out of 70 battles. 7 actual players. The rest were AI. Switched team to non boosted. And had 8 battles straight vs. human opponents. But lost everyone because the opponent had 1-2 advanced boosted dinos


At 3600 Trophies I lose to the same teams: one or two boosted. They just out-speed me, nothing I can really do most battles but get those two kills in. I do run into non-boosted opponents, or slightly boosted and I run over them because I simply over-power them. If the game puts me much lower I am going to appear to be an Arena dropper because my team will just be that many levels higher than my opponents.

This is one of the reason I mentioned that I do not think boosts are weighted heavily enough in MM.


I agree. Boost should be the top stat to take into consideration for matchmaking. Each tier increase gets larger. And the boost tiers add much more then a lvl up for any dino. So boosts should be the #1. Followed by trophy count then dino lvl.


I feel this is accurate. I have my 8 dinos all speed tier 5 and one at speed tier 6 and let it search matchmaking for 23 minutes last night to find one game. meanwhile all my other alliance members were trying to match with me to no avail. Had to have nobadmojo or practicekat que up with me. Seems those are the only people I can pair with these days lol

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Had 4 alliance members within 100 trophies of me get 6 games in the time i got 1. Just because they have less of a team than me. Shouldn’t be that way

Basically feels like if you boost your team too much you u will end up pushing yourself out of the matchmaking algorithm lol


I posted something similar two days ago…

Boosts are clearly the smallest part of the equation and they need to be the larger part.

Just because my opponents dinos are level 25 doesnt means my boosted 21/22 arent gonna overwhelm him.


Exactly this i balanced my boosts across the board and it hasnt helped,

Although ive noticed if my opponent doesnt draw thora or dc i can win if they do i loose, looks like most people went all in…

I have managed to clamber up to rank 90 so thats something…


Im glad im not being matched with you with them speed tiers :joy::joy:

holy smokes… 8 dinos, tier5 and a tier 6😂 youll be getting a refund.