New Matchmaking?

Since when does a lvl 22 dino have to get beaten up by lvl 30 and 28 dinos in Lockwood estates 5 battles in a row?? Its not fair…I just lost well over 140 trophies…is anyone else experiencing this??

Not that same issue but I have over 4k trophies and since this update happened I’ve absolutely HATED battling I’m actually almost to the point of getting rid of the game because of just how bad the balancing is now. Literally my entire team all lv 20+ gets trashed by weak level 15 or 16 because all their abilities and stats are so janky and jacked now thanks ludia for the new dinos but whyd you have to ruin the battling in the process.

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Those teams climbing back up. In 1.7 those teams altough in same arena couldn’t face way lower opponents around their trophy count.

I think they fixed match making.
It will be rough for a bit but maybe 3 or 4 days after the seasonal reset everyone will be back to where they are supposed to be and it will be business as usual.
Least I hope.


What were the lvl 30s doing in Lockwood? I’ve never ran into high levels like this before

1.7 threw a monkey wrench into trophy counts and rankings. If they did it the right way, 1.8 will get all the teams back into proper alignment.

Which means disparity in match ups while high level teams move up to where they should be and lower level teams are adjusted downward.


Every update turns this game into garbage. I’ve spent way too much money to go nowhere. Each “rebalancing” has changed too much at one time. Gradually changing battling would be much better. Instead, we’ve become a stupid ping pong ball for these developers. :rage:

Actually; in this case what probably happened is that the “new season” just started, so everyone’s trophies got reset down to a particular value (depending on what you were just at). So, if that person was trying out other dinos and had an artificially low trophy score, they probably got reset down lower than if they had their A team in. They then saw the season had started so put the A team back in.

They should climb quickly and then be gone.

i’ve been fighting 30s in lockwood and below all through 1.7, its just normal to me my dinos are 23-20

Im climbing, so something small has changed, but a quick look at my recents spells trouble for a tournament setting. Im at 4600 facing 4900 and 5000 still. You can’t have a tournament base its matchmaking on anything other than pure trophy count. I hope it’s just a fluke. I’ll have to battle more to see.

Mine are 21 to 25, but I normally dont see any above 25…at least so far…this morning everything seemed more normal again…if I didnt need the daily battle incubator, I would stay away from the arena all together til it was over…I stand a much better chance of even winning a couple when there isnt a tourney going on