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New mechanic idea: The Poison

True, but then again, it´s to not confuse ppl with that move, not for making less or more sense, however, i will note this in order for making future changes, thanks for the feedback :+1:


Jan 15

@E.D and @Ned

We still need the original moves for Spinoconstrictor reinstated!!! The bleed resist on creatures coming out is over kill we know it’s needed for the raids and that’s fine but nuking all the bleeders is removing choices from your players and shortening our pool of viable Dino’s. What if you made new moves that poison instead of bleed??? Then you could keep your setup and give back viability to those creatures that are hurting so bad now.

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I’d be inclined to suggest that poison be a negative effect which prevents healing or cleansing abilities from activating.

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really good, and agreed, aight, thanks :+1:

i don´t see the poison being something like that, i´m used to see poison as something that damages over time, still a good mechanic to apply, and i could make another post for that if you like to, thanks for the feedback :+1:

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note 6:Regarding to the feedback, i will rename this all as Venom, not Poison, to keep the scientific correction of both terms, so the change of all the attacks’ names it´s:

  • Poisonous Swap-InVenomous Swap-In
  • On Escape Poisoning StrikeOn Escape Envenoming Strike
  • Poisonous CounterEnvenoming Counter
  • Poisonous StrikeVenomous Strike
  • Poisonous ImpactVenomous Impact
  • Maiming PoisonMaiming Venom
  • Lethal PoisonLethal Venom
  • Stunning PoisonVenomous Stun
  • Poisonous DistractionVenomous Distraction
  • Poisonous SwoopVenomous Swoop
  • Poisonous Cleansing SwoopVenomous Cleansing Swoop
  • Poisonous Lethal SwoopVenomous Lethal Swoop
  • Poisonous VulnerabilityEnvenoming Vulnerability

and i somewhat can´t or don´t know how to change the post’s name, so act like it´s called “New Mechanic Idea: The Venom” sorry

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Note 7: Cleansing moves cleanse the DoT the Venom inflicts, so: Cleansing Strike, Cleansing Impact, Group Cleansing Strike, Group Cleansing Impact, Cleansing Shattering Strike, Tip the Scales, All healing moves, Cleansing Swoop, Prowl and Deliberated Prowl, Mutual Fury, Sidestep, Sideflap, Hop and Mock, etc… Can cleanse the DoT result of the venom.

kinda redundant to say, but it´s to clarify