New Mechanic: Potency

My second post here. I recently came up with this new mechanic that I call ‘Potency’. It is a passive effect in battle that is described as a percentage (like armor and crit chance).
I imagine it can be displayed with a ‘Scope’ symbol.

In simple terms, it is the increased chance for an attack to bypass cloak/dodge. For example, if a creature has a potency of 20% and uses a non-precise attack against a creature which has dodge as an active effect (say, 75% chance to dodge 66.7% of the attack), the receiving creature has only a (75-20)% = 55% chance to dodge the 66.7% of the attack.

Which means, that the chance your opponent has to dodge is low against a creature with high potency.
Since cunnings are the dodgy buggers, I imagine resilients to have higher potency(30%-40%, to effectively counter them), cunnings having medium potency(15%-25%), while fierces have low potency(5%-15%, to get countered by cunnings). (Heavily armored and creatures with precise attacks have lower potency so they can’t dish out dodge-ignoring attacks one after another.)
If its ever introduced, certain cunning dodgers need to be tweaked a little so that they don’t get destroyed by them resilients.

Although introducing a new mechanic is harder than buffing group decel abilities, this can also be a flock-counter. Certain flocks like the Compies and Compsocaulus (who can distract, dodge, nullify and rally heal) won’t be able to defeat quite a few resilients anymore.

Like Crit Chance, Potency can be increased or decreased by certain abilities. Here’s my new version of ‘Echolocation’ (for Indoraptor) being the first ever ability to incorporate this mechanic:

What do you think of ‘Potency’?

  • An addition to be sure, but a welcome one.
  • Fix known bugs, then we’ll think about it.
  • Nope, time to bin it.

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It’s interesting, but theres not much of a point to having it in the game. There are very few moves that apply dodge over multiple turns (the only time potency would actually be useful), and TONS of moves that just bypass or remove dodge entirely - dodge isn’t at a place where it’s so strong where we need something like potency to counter it. Certain cunnings like Compy being strong has more to do with the Flock mechanic itself than their ability to dodge.


If we went back to the old “dodge = 100% damage mitigation” I think this would be a more useful passive to have.

It would allow for more flexibility for sure, certain classes (or even @ the individual level) being more/less able to hit thru cloak/dodge instead of this being determined by the creature’s specific moveset.

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