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New members scores aren’t posting in the tournament

We added new members early this week maybe Tuesday. Their scores aren’t postingimage


yes, we have the same thing, the new participant did not receive points for the tournament

Well there seems to be a problem

Here is one member

Here is the other member image

@Ned can we please have some help or acknowledgement on this?

Hey DaTank45, if they had participated in the tournament, were their points added to the total alliance points and just showing as 0 on the leaderboard?

Honestly I couldn’t tell. Everyone starts at the same time so who knows if it got added.

If those alliance members had partaken in the tournament and did not receive contribution points, could you ask them to reach out to our support team at with their support key, so our team can take a closer look at their account and investigate?

Thank you, DaTank45!

Thanks @Ned

I have 4 new players this week. They all joined my alliance on Wednesday. They made their takedowns and the extra points I asked for but these are not reflected in the list

Has anyone contacted game support? Did they give an answer about this problem? We have 3 new members in our alliance and their score has not entered either.

Hi Ned, same problem with my Alliance aswell so it’s not an isolated occurrence

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@Ned any resolution on this?

I’ve seen a couple people theorizing that new members’ scores won’t update until they’re higher than the “Previous Members” total at the bottom. Is this the case for all of you?

Same here.
2 new members.
Both Made their takedowns

Oh I know the reason, only the top fifty scores that were scored are shown and added. So if they didn’t get in the top fifty their score isn’t counted or shown.


If this is a new thing then it’s seriously flawed as many players will be booted for not doing their takedowns when they have done them!


didn’t count, we took the test with a new member and no alliance score was added
my question is whether this error will remain in the next tournament where the score is double
I believe that many alliances will be damaged

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It’s already hurting many alliances. I think some didn’t eve notice and will probably kick like @Schtemty said. Please fix this and don’t do it with hard cash