New meta. Who can dodge or evade better

I like that it’s no longer a tank Metta but now it seems everyone has dodge evade Dino’s on there team.
Just doesn’t feel like skill when everyone just relying on rng to win games.
I have now switched my team to be all rng based since it seems to be the norm.
Not complaining but it gets boring fast. Would like more variety instead of everyone using the same Mons.
I don’t have any ideas on a solution besides adding more moves maybe?

Tyrannolophosaurus, Momomimus, Monostegotops, Suchotator and Tanycolagreus are your friends

Actually, I hardly run into this anymore… unless it’s a desperate act on mine or my opponents behalf.

Yep… many of us have been saying that for a long time… I don’t mind the other aspects of RNG so much… The big problem is cloak/evasive. Sooo annoying…

Yesterday I faced an opponent who sent in Monomimus… first move: evasive stance… Killed it
Then he sent Indoraptor… first move: evasive stance… He killed two of mine before I took him down
His third: IndoRex… First move: Cloak… but I survived and won. A satisfying victory.

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you hardly run into indoraptor? :thinking: