New Missions with Update 2.16 are Awful

The updates to missions is now more like achievements than previous missions. Previous missions were things you could do as you regularly played the game, but when they added the 3 campaign battles, it felt more like an inconvenience as once you beat the campaign why go back.

Now they want us to do things like win a season pvp battle with a flock creature on your team. Fine, but my best flock is 5 levels below the rest of my team so i hope i get a good supporting cast to help me out. Win 20 battles with a team full of cunning, ok, but i hope i can do that with strike towers as changing my pvp team up to make that work is just a chore.

And then to use Lesser Emergency Heal 84 times in a month, just stupid. Only one creature in the game has that ability (according to the updated field guide app), Meiolania. So now i have to get this added in just to use the ability to get the reward.

This game is becoming more and more of a chore to play. To me, these changes don’t seem to be bringing the game in the right direction. All they do is increase your time in game for things you probably do not care about, which takes away from raids, hunting, or general pvp, whichever you like the most.

EDIT: Sorry, i need to update my flock requirement is to “Win 1 PVP Season battle with a team of Flock creatures.” even harder to do with my next best flocks at 21 or 20. Ludia keeps dropping the ball lower and lower with each update.


30 daily misions in a week?


That’s what happens when you fix what ain’t broke. Typical Ludia. Now it’s just as broken as the campaign courses.


I have 110 daily missions in a month - but each individual mission counts, so it’s doable.

EDIT: Just saw you only have 3 daily missions tho. If that’s true each day, you’ll never be able to reach 30.

These are so tedious and horrible. I had to win a battle using a Kaprosuchus on my team, donate 75 rare hybrid DNA, and donate 300 common DNA. I legit had to have 2 people in my alliance request DNA they didn’t need to finish my dailies.

My best flock is level 23 and I’m in currently in Gyrophere. I’m going to be basically dropping to aviary to try and complete that and then I’ll be the annoying person using fully boosted 30s in aviary climbing my way back up :expressionless:


They do. Except half of them are stuff people wont do. Whos wasting 30mins+ in friendlies? Whos using tupandact?


I couldn’t help noticing the daily. Some of these tasks are far too specific, also, what if an individual isn’t in an alliance? Not sure if someone who is not in an alliance has different requirements but it seems completely unnecessary to change it


exactly, my best flock is 25 and being in gyro, I will have to have a very lucky matchup to get it done.


You can do strike towers and campaign battles with flocks, however the missions are still annoying and tedious. When daily’s feel like chores people going to quit.


Awful is the least I can say about this abominations…


Ludia should definitely revert this until its too late… Havent heard so much roar to some game change for a really long time…


I have to do 2 direct hits on Epic Flocks today. Not that easy if you are not in an area with them. I also have to do a specific move to defeat 5 animals. Also beat 5 with Tarbosaurus, dart one epic and have three direct hits on common. So yeah, those tasks are junk.


but it says 1 PVP Season Battle, so strike towers do not count. It has begun to be a chore so my first step is to drop by VIP, because why do they deserve any money from us at this point if they keep putting out a garbage product. If these do not get fixed, i will prob just stop playing as to spend hours on end in a game to do the basics just isn’t fun.


Monthly mission, defeat 56 flocks….come on! We all know how frustrating the battles are….why?!


oh for me I only see “Battles” but I totally agree with you

Yeah I really dont like this new mission system, they should have just kept it the way it was, pretty much my whole alliance agrees, typical ludia messing up the game even more


What the?


I mean, the upside is maybe I’ll be matched with someone else with the flock mission and we can have a flock on flock match that lasts 30 mins :sob:


that would make too much sense, so you know that is off the table for ludia.

But after completing this missions what you get? Are these the missions for the skins?