New Missions with Update 2.16 are Awful

I’m thinking exactly the same way as you @WhiteWolf1211 and the alliance I run has already lost players who see this as the final straw. The last player to leave has been with me since alliances began and was a player from day one too. Yesterday was a bad day when he uninstalled the game.

If it was realistic and the targets weren’t either impossible or simply crazy then fair enough, I’d be applauding the change. But as is so often the case with this game they just haven’t been properly thought through before being implemented.

It saddens me because I love this game and have three accounts. My wife plays too and I run a great alliance. But I’ve had to make announcements in our discord saying I understand if players don’t want to do their dailies now.

Please look at how realistic it is for people to do these tasks Ludia. Would you do them? Could you do the impossible ones? Please employ testers for these new ideas before sending them out on us.


was that ever in doubt?

I really hate this new update. Doing my daily missions was a massive part of the game for me and what made it a fun little diversion from work for half an hour. Now the missions mean you need to have intimate knowledge of every creatures abilities or hours to spend on battling/ hunting. Not possible for a journeyman player. I’ve never spent money on the game because I’ve always thought the prices were ridiculous but have still managed over the years to build a good stable which works well. Quite frankly now the daily missions are not realistic and the whole pass system is flawed I think that is me done with the game. I certainly won’t be as active in my alliance as I was. Think Ludia have really dropped the ball with this one…anyone else agree?


It’s a shame - I help run an alliance as well, and I started seeing burnout with some of the tournament formats, and the fact that Ludia was rolling out new creatures too fast for most normal people to keep up. Even the high spenders were feeling the pressure. I am concerned that if Ludia doesn’t change this format soon, more people will leave as a result. I know some people are fed up - the horrific bugs and this new system has literally put people on edge. I love this game and the community I have surrounding it - I want what is best for everyone (even Ludia and its employees). It hurts to see so many people feeling frustrated. The joy is being squeezed out. This game is meant to be fun.


I do think the idea is there - like the pass itself is not a bad idea. However I do not like the fact that if you miss one daily, everything resets to 0, and I do not like the missions that are being given. I wish they would use the original missions with maybe a few interesting but doable new ones thrown in, but what we have is just too much.


… This.

2.16 wrecked our routines that we had for up to 4 years. Even the reset time was changed — without warning. Naturally the daily tasks feel more like chores now.

Weirdly specific chores. The original missions were at least things you’re actually supposed to do on the daily basis in this game.

Just why?


To better separate players from their cash!

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I’m not wasting my time on this game any more, see ya.

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I think a loophole you may want to look into is, do the campaign. You likely can do the campaign, defeat 70 unique creatures there, and see if it applies.

On my Samsung S20fe and went on JWA to do these new missions until I saw I have to do “Primal Cleansing Strike”. I don’t remember seeing that move in a long time so I check the wiki, then the field guide and find out it’s a discontinued signature move of the parasaurolophus lux…How am I supposed to finish these missions which are already hard to finish when one move is discontinued?

Also wanted to note that a few days ago it asked me to use emergency lesser heal 3 times and I did in one battle, albeit, none of them counted towards the mission.

Hey @StinkyPanda, The team is currently aware of these issues and working on them. Feel free to check out this thread here for more update issues: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.16 Known Issues



I need to do a friendly to get my daily reward but none of my matches work - and having to use specific moves none of my dinos have? ughhh

Why would JWA officially change the missions BEFORE assessing difficulty and accessibility for players? This is what you do BEFORE rolling out an update.

Honestly it feels like making the daily/weekly and month too difficult to defeat to get the DATA- in an effort to make players feel desperate enough to just pay for it all - which is so messed up


You know what’s funny? I remember we had friendly match as a mission and they took it away actually saying that they listened to players’ feedback, then made some changes, which included putting an end to the need of friendly battle

So, what happened to that? Someone in there just decided “Heey, let’s just bring it back as a mission! No one will notice”


Used to smash all my dailies before work… Now I can’t even start till 4pm GMT…

A few days in and this update has already reduced my game time by over 50%

Let alone that I now can’t even activate a tournament game.



So you can refresh the goals, for cash of course, $10 for the first $50 for the second time, maybe $100 for third? Anyhow I do believe the goal of this was to spend cash to reset. Some of the goals are so specific you need others to coordinate and help with. I didn’t realize the goals were broken, maybe they just didn’t provide the right amount of profit :thinking:

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Not sure how many require coordination as such, apart from the friendly battle task i suppose.
Most alliances will see dna requests for rare dna including hybrids, and when ive had these so far its been to donate 100, so pretty straightforward.
Participate in a raid can be done solo if you dont get an invite after a few hours.

I don’t know why yours seem super hard but to be honest all the missions I’ve gotten so far aren’t to unreasonable

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People are mad because either the specific move required does not exist anymore ( wife thinks they have been creating these tasks for awhile and a previous update changed the title of an older move), it is impossible (defeat four strike incubators in one day for a daily task when only 3 are available that day) or the system is not counting a move that was required. There was no quality control done or the new owners accep incompetence. Just keep the money rolling in baby.


Last 2 days was fine, even the weekly and monthly are done. But today I have the friendly battle as one of the daily, tried over 30mins to get one going but all failed, I give up, it’s not worth wasting anymore of my time
The mission itself is fine, IF the feature linked to it is working


actually these “missions” are based on achievements. many of the achievements are being repeated in mission form. like “use x creature to defeat x creature” ect.

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