New Missions with Update 2.16 are Awful

Because of the emote missions of sending or receiving, I always make sure I do one emote in a battle or raid. You never know if the other person is needing one. If you have the eggs or coin emote, we should make that the emote that lets the other player know we are just emoting in case they need it.

I don’t like having to put out 5. I kind of just want to get them out of the way so I do them all in one battle.


That’s exactly how I handle it.

You can also use raids to send/receive emotes for those mission too. I tend to ask someone to help me do a throwaway raid, pick a weak dino, and we’ll spam emotes at one another for a minute then lose and it counts.

Unless it specifically says pvp or friendly battle you can do the missions via campaign or raids.

Yes… I’ve done that as well… but the fact that you have to waste your time on something so pointless is utterly maddening.


Thousands of players have received the impossible mission to perform an obsolete move.
Hundreds of them have asked how to complete it.
Many of us have had to explain repeatedly that it doesn’t exist.
That is frustrating.

How much thought was involved in brainstorming these missions?
Did the team test these missions, before they were rolled out?
If they did, why did this one ever appear in game?
That is more than disappointing.

When it was reported on multiple occasions, why was it not corrected as a priority?
If there were insufficient resources for a fix, why not remove the penalty to reroll, with an explanation?

I can only imagine the stress of working for Ludia support during this event.
A lot of resources are involved in dealing with the aftermath. Tickets in game, the posts here.

Hopefully the pass revenue is providing a much deserved performance bonus!


Almost three weeks into the update and Primal Cleansing Strike is still there… and people have run into more and more problems with the missions.

Tragicomedy level: Rating some of the tasks I’ve gotten. These will not be the busted ones; just venting and sharing my perspective as someone on a break from competitive playing, alliances, raiding, all that. That was always an option too…

”Donate/Request x DNA” - I’d been playing on my own for some time. It was nice actually. Just enjoying the game however made it a good time, without social obligations. Soon after the update I had to join an alliance, as I was running out of rerolls and didn’t want to waste any more HC. About time, but it sucks that it wasn’t exactly my free decision. (I wonder if there is there a gaming/psychology term for such?)

The mission: relies on others, impedes everyone’s own progress, a nuisance to the whole group. 0/5.

”Win x Raids” - Again a reliant mission. Also the productivity is subjective. As a part of my decided hiatus I’m not doing the big boy raids for the time being, but this one is actually not too bad, as I’m fortunate to have a friend who is always down for dueting a Rare raid with me. It’s fun! 1/5 for that. On weekends I’m screwed.

Those weirdly specific missions: Battling - I feel like I mostly get these. Total waste of time. Searching for certain moves on Field Guide, repeating boring campaign missions, changing my friendly team back and forth… This really can’t go on. -10,000/5.

Those missions: Hunting - I think people have had excellent arguments for these ones; the idea does make sense to me. I’m already bored to death though. I wish they would come up with a more productive, motivating, and preferably voluntary way to promote going out and exploring. Although everything is exclusive anyway! 2/5.

”Send/Receive x emotes” - THE dumbest missions. Last time I got the send emotes one I entered whatever Unique raid it was on that day that I had in my circle and challenged myself to spam as many emotes as I could before my Velociraptor died. So dumb it’s actually kinda funny. ”:index_pointing_at_the_viewer::joy:”/5.

And then we have the Streak Level. The game is notorious for burning people out, I dare say these days more so than ever, and now players will be punished for taking some time off (to keep us playing). This is just predatory.

I never hated on Ludia. What they do to the game rarely makes me happy, yet I didn’t use to rant much other than about my PvP struggles. I hadn’t even posted on the forum since 2019. Now, the current state of the game is unbearable. I know it’s naive of me, but I desperately hope they will hear us out.


I did and got ignored

Ludia won’t care about us but nice rant regardless :laughing::heart:


Do people remember this thing called campaign???

It is not normal gameplay to have to find a stupid campaign mission and repeat it like an idiot unttil you have achieved a daily mission. Utterly stupid…


LOL I just had to spend $60 to reroll 4x. Not a fun day. The “dart an epic flock” as a daily is a joke. They are almost impossible to find, especially if you are not in an epic flock zone. You’re lucky if you see 2 in a month even if you are.


yes, it wastes so much time. I dread opening my dailies to see what atrocity awaits me each day. Oh, and the fact that, if you miss one daily, you get less daily DNA the next day is a horrible idea. I have health issues and have ended up in the hospital as a result - other people may have other major emergencies, too, that prevent them from playing for a few days. Before we were not punished like this for missing a day, and I think hard core players like me should not be punished if life throws a wrench at us every now and again. I will need major surgery in a few months and will be in the hospital for several days. The likelihood I will be able to play the game at all is very small. Ludia, please let us keep 100 DNA every day like before rather than giving us less if we miss days. I understand how the pass works etc, but it would be better if we didn’t get punished for missing things. Let us keep our progess.


Yeah, the problem is they are bugged and take forever to do sometimes to meet the daily requirement. They also have no effect on alliance missions so it’s busy work. I miss the old missions. They made much more sense.

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They will update the missions today. See the 2.16 Known Issues topic. Use/Have others send you emotes, Play Friendly Battles, those oddly specific missions, as well as the busted ones will be gone. And Collect 1 DBI…? That’s a long list! A lot of missions I didn’t even know about, as I kept getting the same ones over and over. We’ll see how this plays out, but looks definitely better to me.

the daily missions should be

collect x amount of common dna
collect x amount of dna
collect x amount of rare dna
battle x times in PvP
open 1 dbi
fire x darts
fire x direct hits
feed x times with a creature in a sanctuary
interact x times with a creature in a sanctuary
play x times with a creature in a sanctuary
collect x many darts
collect x many coins

All these missions help players develop and help for the alliance missions. The list they provided in the 2.16 update thread is pretty useless.


I agree, these would be the all around productive missions I wanted and still do. Honestly, and sadly as usual, they could have been more communicative and asked us what kind of changes we wanted, and spared themselves from more complaints. However at least playing will be less of a headache now.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see that they’re actually going to remove the dbi mission (amongst a whole lot of other terrible ones)

Perfectly said. Once again, missing the 100 Epic DNA was already enough of a ”punishment” for not playing.

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I disagree, I know that dbis are part of Alliance Missions and the mission makes players get them, but it’s downright frustrating when you get the mission and all you get are time outs no matter what you do. Sure it doesnt happen every day, but still.

If the matchmaking was better when it came to actually finding opponents (or even putting you into an AI fight after the “searching for opponent” timer counted down) I’d probably change my opinion.

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When you run the countdown to 0 it counts towards the battle mission, I don’t understand why in this case they don’t throw you against the AI, then that would be 3 easy takedowns every time!

I guess the issue is that less and less players are playing this game and soon we will all be battling the AI 99% of the time…