New Missions with Update 2.16 are Awful

I disagree, I know that dbis are part of Alliance Missions and the mission makes players get them, but it’s downright frustrating when you get the mission and all you get are time outs no matter what you do. Sure it doesnt happen every day, but still.

If the matchmaking was better when it came to actually finding opponents (or even putting you into an AI fight after the “searching for opponent” timer counted down) I’d probably change my opinion.

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When you run the countdown to 0 it counts towards the battle mission, I don’t understand why in this case they don’t throw you against the AI, then that would be 3 easy takedowns every time!

I guess the issue is that less and less players are playing this game and soon we will all be battling the AI 99% of the time…


By the same token, it would be nice if your DNA haul increased as you do multiple days in a row.

Yes… But now they can monetize it and bleed the users even further!!!

The missions have been reduced.

Sadly the daily missions are still a complete bugbear.
Yesterday I managed to do 7 of the eight asked of me to get my 100 Giga DNA. The last one, somewhat ridiculously was ‘Donate x amount Rare Hybrid DNA to your alliance’!!!
Why the heck should I be reliant on someone else needing something to get DNA for my team? And then, that person has to be specific enough to ask for Rare Hybrid DNA? What are the chances of that happening?
Needless to say I lost my streak and 100 DNA because someone else didn’t want Rare Hybrid DNA.
Today I will also miss out again as I am asked to donate Rare and Common DNA to my alliance. I can only swap one out for free and then the game charges me 10 and then 50 bucks! All because some in my alliance don’t ask for something from me? Eh?
So I’m likely to go down to 80 DNA or whatever punishment the game has in store for me.

I hope this experiment ends soon and the game stops punishing the lone players and players in alliances who aren’t as active.


Yep, I know I should join an alliance with more users or somehow pimp my alliance out. Not the point though is it? A lone player should not be penalised.
Also, Ludia. Here’s an idea: If you have boss dinosaurs (which I don’t like at all) on your team, fine. But don’t allow boosts on them. They are all just too powerful. Again a lone player like me has been up until recently punished as I don’t have the people in my lists to play the battles to win the DNA.

Rant over. I’ll go back to quietly hunting dinosaurs and attempting to make my classic Jurassic Park Team (All dinos from the first film(s) level 30. Dilophsaurus, Raptor, T-Rex Triceratops, Gallimimus, brachiosaurus etc…)
6 Foot Turkey should you want to. No pressure.


If you timed right, you can request 3 times. If your alliance is hellbent on not requesting something for you, I think it’s better leave it. Alliance is there to help each other, not just for alliance missions and raids.

That being said, I also think that every missions should be done by me. It’s my personal missions.


The reduction in rewards for completing each chore is what irks me. 1 hard cash???

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100 Gigano

They should add a new speech button saying, can you send an emote please


100% and ten characters

So it sounds like the main issues with many of the dailies/weeklies/monthlies are:

  1. There are a lot of people who play solo without an alliance and prefer it this way, and many of the new Daily missions require an alliance to complete, which is unfair to people who don’t have an alliance

  2. There are daily missions that are almost impossible to complete, particularly in some zones, such as darting an epic flock. Some are impossible because they ask you to complete certain strike towers that are not available that day. Others ask you to do a friendly battle, which is very difficult for many accounts because the friendly battle system is so bugged often it won’t work at all.

  3. Missing a day punishes you in terms of DNA output. This is very unfair, especially towards hard-core players who have labored many hours (and even spent many $) to get where they are at. If you have one difficult time in your life (ie medical issues/emergencies, death of a family/friend, turmoil in family, accidents, etc), this can set you back a lot, and I feel the original daily system was fairer for everyone when it was based on your player level, NOT on your daily activity. Life happens, and no one can revolve their entire existence around a game, and I wish this would be taken into consideration.

  4. Many of the missions don’t help with alliance missions or really have much to do with game progress as a whole. It’s just busy work. Being forced to use campaigns over and over and over in one day just to get a mission done is not only time-consuming (especially due to lagging and bugs in missions themselves), but also isn’t fun, nor is it necessary.

  5. Jurassic pass is a fun idea, but it should be kept separate from dailies in the sense that dailies can effect the pass, but the pass aspect should not effect dailies. From what we have experienced so far, dailies now give out less rewards, which, once you have completed the pass, does effect your progress in the game (less coin and less $). I would suggest that Ludia goes back to the original dailies system and add the pass on top of that, all the while not punishing daily DNA output for missing anything. This would be fair and much easier to accomplish.

  6. There are some monthly missions that are literally impossible to accomplish - one of them using a non-existent move, others asking for things like “dart 10 pteronodons” in a month, which, TBF, is extremely difficult if not impossible to do unless you play JWA 24/7 in a Pteronodon zone. Epics are so sparse, this is a completely unrealistic expectation. There are several others that are also a problem, but I cannot remember them off the top of my head. Some weeklies are like this as well.

What I would like to do is get a complete list of all the possible dailies/weeklies/monthies available, and sort through them. First in terms of doability, then in terms of what is acceptable for solo players, and then in terms of what is just busy work and what is actually fun and helps towards progress in the game as a whole.

I think if the DEVs can see exactly where the issues are, this might help clarify where the issues are for the new missions.

If anyone knows where I can get a complete list of all the missions that would be terrific!


Dont know what most of the Guys have against the new Mission System, i kinda like it. The old one needed a revamp. Now you got 3 Missions (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) and for me, every looks as you can accomplish these easily in time. And Ludia even thought about a Skip Button if you dont have that much time for a Mission which takes more time than others…

Thats why i dont understand all these Hate.

Excellent summary. The streak level format is not only unfair towards the true devotees, but also I don’t see how slower progress really motivates new, returning or more ”intermittent” players (at least where I live this type of games are still considered more of a summer pastime.) The purpose was supposedly to make players more invested in the game. Yet like this, I don’t think it would be surprising to see even less people playing this game.


Why are the new monthly ones kicking off before this Month’s challenge is over… going to be a complete waste of all those tokens…

This system is utterly awful…


In 9 days pass will reset. I say wait if you can.