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New mode i would love to see


Can we get new mode like Jurassic World Evolution you can create any Dinos you want ? Make it exactly look like JWE or Ludia make new Jurassic World Evolution game on mobile it would be great game and like JWTG make some Dinos VIP and speed up hatching Dinos with bucks for people dont have the game on console or PC what do you guys think?


I appreciate the idea but this is not the way that I expect the game should go. This is just my humble opinion.


Yeah I disagree on the basis of I think the game is fine with the current “creation” system

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When the evolution system came out, it was kind of a disappointment because it didn’t allow the freedom to fuse any 2 (or more) dinos together, however now that we have this many hybrids, I don’t think it can handle a system like this.

I do like the idea, however I don’t see any practical way of adding it, now, especially after the current evolution system had been refined into what it is currently.

Even if they make a separate game of it, I don’t want to split up the dev team when I don’t see a lot of gain from it.


I know right…