New mods on wayyy!

There is a new mod on the way called “Wound”
It will reduce the opposing creatures health by 10%… And will also reduce the opposing creatures HP by 20% for the duration of the battle.

Then there’s another one called “Bind” which prevents all swapping on enemy team. However, it gets canceled on defeat of the modified creature.

Looking forward to trying them out!!

Boy, I hope this post is a joke.

Bind especially sounds horrible.


Not a joke, saw it on the GamingBeavers video today as well. I think one of them I saw in the initial video release of the MODs.

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I am glad that some players are enjoying these MODs, really.

For me, they’ve been a big detractor. Fortunately, Ludia has laid off the MOD events. Still, between MODs and the now-frequent battle disconnect that has happened, I find myself playing less. After a battle disconnect yesterday, I didn’t even log in the rest of the day (I usually at least log-in maybe six times a day, to reset evolutions and so forth, and I probably play an average two PvPs each time). I can’t complain. It’s been a fun ride, even if it for some reason suddenly ended today.

Long & short: glad the MODs are fun for some, but I’d like to see them go extinct.


Yeah I was just trying to play some PvPs to get loyalty points (just need a small amount to get another 10K pack) and the darn disconnect bug has stolen TWO wins from me, on top of getting some really hard matchups that I wasn’t able to win. Like you, I am so frustrated between how long they are taking to address this bug (also still sometimes hit the “zombie” bug in aquatics but at least that isn’t ALWAYS an automatic loss) and the distaste for the whole mods update (particularly after the similar update was so poorly received by the JWA community). Especially since I have a fairly limited lineup of dinos that will get me the Elite prize wheel at all, so having a bug take a win from me out of the 2 or 3 attempts I even get each day causes me no end of frustration. There’s just no excuse for it. As a programmer myself, I would be ashamed if I allowed a bug that numerous customers are reporting, and is certainly easy enough to replicate to go unaddressed for so long. It really tells me a lot about where their priorities are.


Pretty much exactly what @HanSoloWannaBe said sums up my feelings about the Mods… Mods should definitely go extinct.


Don’t like the look of either two. More ways for the AI to wreck you in future MOD tournaments that may unlock cool critters. Guess i’ll keep on stocking up "Nullify"s then.


I’ve started keeping track, and I get disconnected from about 15% of my PvP battles. Frustrating. My WiFi connection is strong and good; I’ve got about 60-75 Mbps connection.

I’m guessing it’s my device, maybe. I play on an old iPhone 5s (us scoundrels don’t have a whole lot of money stashed in our ships). If I accidentally tap on a decoration or a revenue tower/beacon, it’s an almost-certain instant crash. Yes, it’s an old device, but, long and short, I’m finding more fun things to do with my time.


It happens to so many of us that I would bet my lvl 30 Indoraptor that it is not your device…I forget that I sold him…sigh.


I have not had a disconnect for almost a week and a half. And now that I have put that out there I am guessing it will hit me today.

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I have a brand new Samsung S10 and hit the disconnect bug almost every day. There aren’t many phones as good as what I’m using so no, it’s NOT a device issue.

If you’re disconnecting at random times during PVP or at times other than PVP (collecting coins, etc), that could be a device/connection issue. I have one of those on my tablet. The game isn’t optimized for it. I deal with it.

On the other hand, the consistency of the time out disconnect and it’s pervasiveness across platforms and devices and players suggests something on Ludia’s end. Make sure you (anyone who has experienced it) has turned in a ticket. Include pictures/video. The more people turn in this bug, the harder it is to ignore and say that it is a player device/connection issue.


I just got my reply finally from Ludia on the timeout bug (also reported the zombie aquatic bug that I still see sometimes) - got the same boilerplate reply they send out for everything. They do NOT seem to be getting the message. And I am not reinstalling the game for something that very clearly is NOT a problem on my device.

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It is clear that they react this way if each of us opens an individual ticket.

Sometimes I think Ludia does not care what happens here in the forum. Otherwise they had noticed that this is not an individual issue. I assume that everyone here experienced it more then once.

Maybe we should start a class action. Each of us should create a post to Ned once a day and demand that he tells their support that they have to do something.

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That why software companies should have REAL bug tracking systems, where users can vote or comment on existing bugs if they experience the same one, share details, etc. and get notified when a fix is ready and when an update is released for it. That’s standard when it comes to professional software, annoying that games want us to pay money too but are so terrible at tracking and fixing their bugs.


@Mary_Jo they do that because we keep paying the money and playing the game. If 1 or 2 of their whales complained (and they know who those folks are) they’d fix it in a hurry.

For me I know that I have to exit out every 3 actions - that is to say anything that brings up a secondary screen. If I don’t the game will crash or freeze. Because of this I’ve had very few issues comparatively speaking.

Brightside is it keeps me from becoming a zombie with my face stuck in my phone all night…and the temptation of actually spending money on this at bay.

Yeah you’re probably right. I come from the field of ecommerce web applications and so a philosophy of “every customer counts” so it’s just not a way of working that I can easily relate to.

Sounds like your issue may be a memory problem if the application isn’t doing good garbage collection after running battles, etc. I personally never have that particular issue, but I use pretty high end devices so memory only becomes an issue if I leave a ton of stuff running in the background.